Auction House madness

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    Is this duplicate? I could sware I saw this two weeks ago when 1.04 came out, maybe I'm loosing it.
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    Quote from RMrulz

    I don't agree with the OP that prices have skyrocketed across the board. Yes, well-rolled legendaries have gone up to insane prices, but not always. For example, I recently bought a well-rolled helm of command for about 500k. Want a stormshield with 30% block, high strength, high vitality, and near-perfect resist-all? Yeah, you're going to pay a lot, but that's to be expected given that 1.0.4 isn't very old yet and not that many have dropped. Give it time - supply will increase, demand will decrease, and prices will probably come down even taking into account the gold devaluation caused by paragon levels and increased gold-find.

    I check the other day a well rolled 1.3k manticore (I think it was the fucking best item for a DH) and it was like 1k mil, so its ok since you won't be buying any other crossbow, but you can also find the same legendary with terrible stats trying to be sold for 200-500 mil. Rare items seems to be aside. Yesterday I was checking for a decent chest piece with 3 sockets and I found one for 50k, while others where selling for millions, despite being alike, so bargains are still there and there are some good ones. The thing that worries me are legendaries or set items, since they seem pretty expensive for items that aren't well-rolled.

    Quote from Turtel

    Im seeing the exact opposite OP. The prices dropped drastically. Except the good new legendaries with nice rolls, but they did not exist before, so obviously they'll be more expensive if they cant measure up to the items that were available before.

    I think its more due to the legendaries name. For example, Manticore seems to be the best crossbow if well rolled, but not so good manticores are also priced high for their stats. On the other hand, Black Bone Arrows quiver seems to have droped since now Dead Man's Legacy quiver seems to be the one to go.
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    Quote from Ameko

    Quote from Suiram25

    the thing is, the stuff is selling for several millions. a few days ago I got a pretty badly rolled witching hour belt, without resistances/vita and just 100 int. it didnt take an hour and it was gone for 40 millions. another well rolled witching hour with 160 int and like 70 vita sold even for 100m.

    and that's the main problem. there are enough people that pay such prices, even for not that great items like you see with the bad witching hour.

    a 100 int Witching Hour is "a not that great item"? It's the only belt piece in game that gives significant boost in attack affix (cc damage and atk speed). I will totally buy a +100 dex version of witching hour for 60mil.

    And the price of high-end gears are reasonable, 2 days after 1.0.4 hit, a 1300 dps Manticore with dex, 80+ cc damage and 2 open socket were sold for 2 BILLION gold in 2 hours. Or just use my friend who is extremly lucky as a perfect example, he sold a 990 dps Manticore with dex and 2 open socket for 140 mil and a 198 dex, 75 AR, 89 Vit new Natalya boot for 150 mil the day after.

    PS. 3rd party trading website offers 1mil gold for ~$1.4, so that 1300 dps manticore was essencially sold for $2,800

    At $1.40 per million, that manticore actually sold for around 200 dollars. (140 * 1.4). Still a good price to fetch, but nowhere near 2,800 dollars :-)

    Edit: sorry, didn't see you mention the 1300 DPS one. You are correct.
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    Need 3 more weeks to cut the prices half. Always when a new patch come out AH skyrocketed as always, every1 wants to sell their trash items, every1 want to be rich with sell 2 items for 213123123 millions..logic.
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    Quote from Doez
    People in D2 definitely were not money motivated to bot, dupe, etc. right? People are so close-minded when they toss out terms like AHRPG when its predecessor was the same way, except it was an unprotected black market.

    Couldn't agree more.

    Want to talk about crazy prices? I seem to recall in my D2 playing era, the standard currency for buying really good items was "high runes" (I think I just missed the duped-SoJ era, I was a bit of a late arrival).

    I played D2 for years. You know how many high runes I saw drop in all that time? Zero.

    Hundreds of millions of gold looks accessible by comparison.
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