Disparity of weapon DPS

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    I have a lvl 45 Barb that I've been playing off and on when I have time (still haven't gotten anything to inferno yet). I just crafted a sweet two handed sword with 144DPS and +143 Strength.

    I thought that was pretty good for a lvl45 item, better than what I've been finding at least. But then I looked in the AH to see what was available, and whoa! People are selling 600DPS weapons for lvl45 Barb. That seems like quite a disparity - I've never seen anything over 200DPS for my level, and here are people getting massively powerful weapons.

    What gives? How long would you have to play to find something like that?

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    it was most likely a lvl 60 weapon with a stat "reduced level requirement" which makes it possible for a lvl 45 to use
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    the reason is high damage modifiers on ilvl 61-63 weapons. that also rolls the reduce level requirement, up to 18 levels, so in best case senario a lvl 42 barb can wear a 2h with 1500 DPS and 500 strenght on it :P now thats sick damage for nightmare :P
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    Ahh, gotcha! That makes much more sense. Sorry for the 'n00b' questions - I just didn't look hard enough at the stats.

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    Yep, once you hit mid-40's, if you really want to supercharge your journey to endgame, there's a very good chance you can pick up such a level-req-reduced weapon for a pittance, and just make everything around you explode into a fine red mist. Well worth doing, if you're not worried about trivializing that stage of the game. :)
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