WTF is wrong with people these days?

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    I've learned that the people that play diablo really hate themselves and are the greediest uncouth scum you will find in any game.

    Well, as in any other game. One of the many joys in the world is growing up and realizing that most of the world is screwed up and people are naturally bad :/ By the time people reach the age of 20, most of them will already be extremely frustrated and curse the world for it xD And greed...well, there's a reason for it to be one of the seven sins...Let's keep selling 4 million items for 30 million, shall we? xD

    Damn bro, I realize this as well, its screwed up, but we just gotta live with it
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    If there's one thing I've learned after years (literally) of online gaming it is that you must EXPECT that people will behave in a totally rotten manner for the most ridiculous reasons. Furthermore you should NEVER take it personal. They know nothing about you and they are the ones who are in error, not you.
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    Right-click the username and report them for harassment. Then just move on; they aren't worth the time or emotion.

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    I'm not sure why you're selling stuff in chat. If you put it in the AH, you get to play the game while selling it, rather than having to choose between the two. And as an added bonus, no 12 year olds with IQs in the 50-80 range will bother you.

    The AH takes a 15% cut from every transaction. For 65 million gold pieces, that comes to 9,750,000 gold. Also, please don't compare the harassers to people with 50-80 IQ range - it's an insult to people with 50-80 IQ.

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    Post constructively or I'll press some different buttons next time.
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