INSANE legendary drop rate?!

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    I'm now Level11! - STILL NO LEGENDARY and I switch to 340% MF nearly every pack. GRML!
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    p level 4... not a single legendary. RNG is RNG as they say...
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    Quote from regenwurm007

    That's really funny, almost the same thing happened to me yesterday. I was talking about how I'd like to try out a good Skorn for my WD. About 30 min later an elite drops a Skorn for me... with a 300 int roll :D.
    I don't think the drop rate is really higher then before the patch though. I have always been getting a legendary every two or three runs, it's just that pre patch they were usually just worth the brimstone.

    No way! I had a 300 int Skorn drop for me a few days ago! It's got pretty good dps at 1430. I thought it was definitely a barb's it working on your WD?
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    I got a Warmonger with ~1150 dps, and reduced lvl by 16, at Plvl 2 in first Act 3 run (third run overall, one of each act), and my buddy got a pair of dex Vile Wards for his monk on his first run after the patch. I'm still hoping to find a puzzle ring and a goldskin xD
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    Paragon level 13, no legendaries yet. Act3 all the way, a bit lowish MF though. An friend of mine had 2, a quite good roll of natalya's boots (he's playing an DH so he kept them) and very shitty ivory tower. My friend doesn't have MF outside of follower/paragon levels and he's at paragon lvl7. :(
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    I would have to agree they must of had changed the drops of legendary loot table. At least in act 3. In 350 hours of act 3 farming before 1.0.4 i got like 5 legendary total. Im already at 13 since the new patch at paragon 10, sure half of them where low level but the rest are all ilvl63. Not even 20 hours player since patch. They did say they reworked some mobs in act 3/4 loot tables in patch notes. It could be it? Theres like 20 pages of every legendary already, so yeah they drop pretty often.

    Might also be some people dont get drop because they do too short runs? Every single of my legendary dropped from elites with 5 stacks NV. One of the rare sometime turns into a set or a legendary. My run in act 3 starts at breach the keep lvl 1. I clear every area of elites in the whole act 3, every cave i sprint to every single packs. Thats 30-40 elites with 5 stacks or more per run.
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    Didn't saw a single legendary drop yet.
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    Not a single legendary in patch 1 0 4 .. paragon lvl 5
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    I'm paragon 8 and I've found 3 legendaries in 7 clears of act 3. Much, much better drop rate than before. Of course I'm jinxing myself and now I'll find none for the next year.
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    Found 7 legendaries so far, all crappy. Paragon level 12.
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    Just found another legendary right now, its that bad lvl 56 hand crossbow, as i said half my legendary are poor. Other half is ilvl63 stuff. They definivitly drop more often. I get more legendary per day now then i did per hundread of hours before? No way i have been lucky every single day since patch and unlucky 300 hours before? It would be more interesting if people that says they dont get drop actually told us where and how they farm? At what speed,?
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    Just found, 2nd legendary after find firewalker boots post patch. Para lvl 5. Base 23 MF.
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    no MF gear, paragon level 7 and farming my act2 route, no legendary so far. well rng is rng :)
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    I would gladly trade all the 40 craptastic legendaries I found pre-1.0.4 and the 7 even more craptastic ones I found post-patch for 1 single good legendary.
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    plvl 11 - no legendaries.....if i don't get any by plvl 15 i'm throwing my cat against the wall...none by plvl 20 and my gf gets a blackeye...
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    Quote from Axtroz

    no MF gear, paragon level 7 and farming my act2 route, no legendary so far. well rng is rng :)

    Alot of legendary were bumped to lvl63. Meaning they have a reduced change to drop in act 2. Also route is simply not very good anymore, unless your route is clearing full act 3 of elites, pretty much full clear. The more elites you can kill in row without pause at 5 NV the more chance you have for one to drop. If you restart your stack often to restart your route, you greatly reduce your chance at legendary. The guarante rare at 5 is very important so that more items turn into rare, then into 6 prop rares and then legendary.
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    Quote from Pusguts

    plvl 11 - no legendaries.....if i don't get any by plvl 15 i'm throwing my cat against the wall...none by plvl 20 and my gf gets a blackeye...

    Don't do this to your cat! Better throw your GF against the wall.
    Poor Cats -_-

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    lol at that image...
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    EDIT: BTW i m lvl 12 i think and got 4 so far.
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    None and level 7 paragon
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