INSANE legendary drop rate?!

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    why you no gimme good orange bliz
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    Paragon level 12 and I've found roughly 3 legendaries for the whole game time. 1 lacuni prawlers post patch (level 58 with some dext but nothing special). So for me I don't see any much increased droprates :P
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    what what what?
    I just got a lacuni prowlers and it's on AH for 80m
    They are beast post patch. So are vile ward (shoulders)
    I get this lacuni bracers like one every week pre patch, hope I get em as often now.
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    Love how the thread above this one is "So...Legendary's. Do they even drop ?" xD
    Haven't seen any yet, but then again I haven't played more than a couple of hours.
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    lvl 11 almost, gotten 3, all were salvaged >_>
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    Paragon level 6 and i found one legendary item, those bone shoulders forgot the name. The drop rate seems normal...
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    paragon lvl 5, been playing with 230 base mf, not a single legendary for me yet....found some other nice stuff tho
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    Paragon level 17, 260 MF

    0 Legendaries

    I came back to Diablo just for this new patch. I really liked the Paragon system and iv been enjoying leveling but unfortunatly the drops are still as crap as always 70 hours played since patch and made 1.7 mill gold from selling stuff on AH.

    I need +- 40 mill for 1 upgrade so I decided to quit the game again. It simply isnt worth the time for me.

    I didnt plan on playing GW2 but I changed my mind and bought it at the last minute for pre launch. Uninstalled Diablo and wont be returning till a droprate fix patch comes in

    Good luck to everyone who is still playing this game
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    I am at about plvl 10 and I have gotten 2 and one of those was a lvl 52 from act 2 inferno.
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    I got one right out of the gate playing yesterday (first time playing since patch) with almost zero MF.
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    paragon lvl 9, found 2 legendaries, 1 was useless and 1 was a perfect roll (with socket) 1236dps echoing fury! made my friggin day
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    300+ Hours played I found exactly 0 legendarys PRE-patch, now post patch I've found about 15 Legendaries in maybe 20 hours played.
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    I have only seen one legendary myself so far. Friend got 3 on a single act 3 run yesterday however with a full group. Most were junk but one was really nice.

    Have yet to see anything with any of the niffty new abilities added in. Hopefully by the end of the day I will get one.
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    I've got 7 Legendaries post patch with 220 Base Mf. Now i'm lvl 12. I really think the drop rate is higher than pre-patch, i get 1 legendary with each act 3 full run.
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    i found today 2x leg 1x set (yay for good Manti. :P)
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    Quote from Kdaj

    I have found 6 legendary's since the patch. It has defiantly been increased.

    The legendary drop rates havent been increased. passive mf just helps.
    I am archonning through act 3 for a few weeks now with around 200 mf equipped and the same number of legendaries drop.
    I got one good one though, Zunimassa's pox with 4,5 crit chance on it :)
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    Hellcat wrap with reasonable stats from a random in Act3 Inferno. I have no MF bonus beyond the 2 paragon levels I have 0:-)
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    Just 1 green for me :/

    Maybe lot of people are playing POST patch, that why you see more legendaries...
    Cant w8 to get a good legendary!!
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    I have found 2 legendaries so far since the patch. One at Paragon lvl 1, and one at paragon lvl2. I had no additional MF on my gear either time, and was at 5 NV stacks.

    Considering I've only logged in 5 times or so since the patch, I think I've been pretty lucky. Neither one of the 2 was worth a damn, but I'm still happy to have actually found them. :)

    Edit: Pre-patch I have found 15 legendaries to date, most with using no additional MF beyond my NV stacks. Of those 15 I found 2 in same day twice. So I fully expect not to see another one for a while now.
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    Had no luck the last few days. Logged in today and got 3 legendaries in 1 run of Act 2.
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