paragon - starting from 0 or taking exp in account?

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    What I was wondering and what one of the americans might already tell us:

    we have played since release and leveled our chars up to 60 and then played a lot more - is any of the experience that we didn't get for all that killing to farm acknowledged for paragon levels?
    I mean I have chars that have more than 200h playtime and >6k elite kills - will they have paragon lvl 1 or 2 when they start or do they also start out with paragon 0

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    Take a guess.
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    (I'd guess you could take an avarage of elites for a lvl60 char and calculate a modest average for the paragon lvls for that and give it to the players when they log in... but that would screw us in favor of the bots, i guess)
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    You start at 0.
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