Ghom mega spawn clouds (Inferno)

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    Me and a friend have been playing on inferno a while. He only have diablo left but I have not finished act 3 yet. I have jumped back and furth through the quests with him, but when we decided to farm a bit on early act 3 we got some problems when we got to Ghom. When he fight him alone he have no problem at all. But when we both are fighting Ghom he gets really anoing. He spawns clouds everywhere fast. In about 20-30s the whole room is filled with clouds. I though that he only spawns clouds behind him, but he even spawn clouds right on top of my demon hunter friend who have loads of damage but not much defense, wich make him die fast and we almoust have no time to get him down. Is this a problem wich we are alone on having?
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    Most of Inferno was nerfed in patch 1.03, but Ghom was buffed instead. The poison clouds last longer now. This makes the fight a dps check for most players, but some tank specs with high LoH can stand in a cloud and kill him.

    TLDR: 1.03 made ghom more difficult. Deal with it 1 time and you will never have to again. So even if you have to buy some gear on the AH, do it.
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    your hunter friend needs to play very good, and stay near u, u need to stay together or clouds spawn everywhere. Just move together and he gonna have to be good at using his cooldowns when a clouds appears like gloom and such. Once he understands the timing of when clouds come it should be easy. Stay together wait for cloudspawn, then move out , stay together , wait for spawn.. Keep doing that and run in circle. If u are using the space good, then by the time u did a full circle the first cloud will have despawned so u can keep going in circles.

    if u have life on hit, u basicly wanne kill the small adds he spits out while u wait ghom to move out of poison and then u kill him again (if your melee) the small adds help since u can gain health by hitting something since ghom is slow and when your low hp its gonna be dangerous, so yeah kite, use the small adds to gain health and know the timing of the clouds, some come two fast after eachother and then u get a small break to dps and then u get two clouds not too far apart
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