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    Quote from Targariel

    Blizzard AH has some of them is that almost every player is greedy and asks for millions and millions for an item...I looked for items in your AH and has the same problem so I'm off!

    LMAO, welcome to economics 101!

    This is very obviously against the TOS.

    My top suggestions for this website:

    !!!!****!!!! Make this website available for people to meet up in game to make these trades so it's not against TOS

    The choosing of skills under subcategories is not very intuitive. I want to be able to just open up a list of skills alphabetically like you do in the AH

    Skills can be added to the search menu multiple times. That shouldn't be allowed.

    The search boxes aren't large enough to contain the text.

    Pressing enter in a search field (like attacks per second) clears the window instead of refreshing the search.

    1.4 in attacks per second doesn't show weapons with 1.4 attacks per second. Likewise, putting in 1.3 only shows those higher than 1.3. I think maybe you are searching this field for AS > 1.3 instead of AS >= 1.3.
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    Sorry dude, but creating a "Community" AH isn't the right answer. Obviously a lot of time and thought was put into this project and I don't want to take away from that, but if the in game AH has so called "flaws" then lets fix them and move forward. As a player I don't want to waste time searching more than one AH for gear/items. GL to you but I won't be using this DCAH when I am provided a perfectly good AH in game that is more convenient and has more/better selections.
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    Quote from Talarynne

    How is this not against the TOS? I'm pretty sure that Blizzard will not look kindly on people buying/selling items through this site.


    • Blizzard owns or has the right to use all of the Loot, as well as all of the characters and content that appears in Diablo.
    • You do not own any of the Loot, characters, or other content that appears in Diablo, and that you have no right or title in or to any of the Loot (other than any license to use any Loot granted to you by Blizzard, which may be revoked by Blizzard at any time), Diablo, or your Account.
    • You are not allowed to sell, trade or somehow transfer Loot, characters, or any other Diablo content outside of Diablo or the Auction House.

    Regarding the ToS I'm aware of those, and to keep everyone cleared and safe, the TRADES ARE MADE IN GAME, for example, Player 1 has Set Blacksmith Plan and wants to sell to Player 2 (higher bidder), Player contact Player 2 in game via Battle TAG. I guess all the forums (including DIABLOFANS Trade Forums works like that), but the has some improved ways and options for BUYERS and SELLERS. So based on those facts if DCAH is against ToS all other Diablo Trading Forums are against the ToS.
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    this is illegal to sell gold for money outside of rmah, so your thing is not more legal then any gold seller site,
    not that id like to save the cut and make more money but you cant sell anything for real money outside of rmah legally and i will not use this for sure
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    Who on earth would use this over the secure ingame AH... But i guess people are stupid enough to do so.
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    This was not advertised with any of the staffs consent to my knowledge, specifically me who the rules state to run these things by.

    Making trade agreements outside of the game is fine because the actual trades happen in game. However trading items for real world money is something that is not okay and we won't help facilitate.
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