The stat that matters: Magic Find - what will happen with it?

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    I was having a discussion today with my colleagues about the upcoming major patch and the possibility of new MF mechanics being introduced soon. Well, my vote back 2 weeks or so when the poll was active, was for the simple, old-school gear swapping method - can't go wrong with something tested and considered good throughout the years no? My personal opinion is that it will definitely add more dynamics to the gameplay and contribute to the "end-game" loot hunt. But this is just my opinion.

    I gave some thought obviously to the other suggestions and I think that maybe all of them can as well have this impact to the game - but they need to be implemented very well as they are new mechanics and people are sensitive about new things and tend to have the PMS syndrome on new changes.

    I just want to say that I'm looking forward to any Blizzard change to this stat and I'm sure that this will have a major impact on how we play the game (considering also new legendaries !yay!).

    I just got trough this rather old thread about MF were I found both constructive and amusing discussions: - I encourage you to read at least the 1st comment as it is awesome! =)

    Have a nice weekend guys!
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    What "old-school gear swapping method?" What game are you referring to?
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