Positive Monster Affix Ideas (From US Diablo III Forums)

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    Awesome!! If Blizzard dont use these ideas, they are just freeking brainless.
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    This idea COULD make me start playing again, ragequitted last week.... im waiting for the 1.0.4 patch which could get me to play again (or these things :) )

    Nice idea's put together! Hope they implement at least some of the ideas!
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    Excellent idea, but knowing Blizzard we will not get this, we will get non-combat pets with creepy manga eyes, for 15$ a piece of course. In a further expansion, called Mists from the Sanctuary we will even be able to battle our creepy manga eyed pets. How cool is that?
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    I like this idea, its really cool. I posted something similar on massacre and destruction pop ups. It would be cool if they could include both. Doesn't seem like anybody else agreed with me though, oh well.

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    Quote from constipationnow

    good ideas, but the rare affixes should be rare to find

    They can't be too rare or they kind of defeat the purpose which is to allure players.

    If I only find 1 every 8 hours I won't really care about them anymore and may just continue to play less like I already do.

    If I'm finding this more often, I would be intrigued and more inclined to play longer.

    This is coming from someone who has left (not quit) D3 for a bit to dabble in other games while they start to add more stuff since there's not much to do. The game is fun every once in a while like an arcade game but I need more actual content and goals to drive me. Finding these would work towards that a little.
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    Really great ideas. Some might be getting a little carried away but I like the idea of adding an affix to different packs that would almost make it more worth while to clear whole Acts.
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    Really solid idea. I will admit I did not read through all the replies so if has been covered then sorry for the redundancy. Here are my suggestions/modifications:
    • Add positive affixes to chests. That would give people a reason to seek them out and open them. Obviously not all chests would have them and you could even have it where the really good chests spawn or have a guardian with a tough mix of affixes to make it interesting. Plus, more loot right?
    • Bring back Monster Shrines and make it that the champ pack from a monster shrine is guaranteed a positive affix of some kind.
    That's it. Really, really solid idea though and I hope something comes of this.
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    Quote from Mutilate24

    Really solid idea. I will admit I did not read through all the replies so if has been covered then sorry for the redundancy.

    You really should read the entire thread and posts within before you go to post. Otherwise it becomes redundant to post at all.

    As for the discussion in question - I feel that good will come out of this if they implement it.
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    Wow those ideas are awesome I am sometimes impressed by what the community can bring as ideas to the game! That's a good thing!
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    Just seems like people are trying to make gearing up easier. I personally don't have the best gear and enjoy the hunt. I think that this should only be activated if the character you are playing has completed Inferno.
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    I definitely don't like all of the proposed affixes, but in general it's a pretty fun idea.

    I would also suggest that these would have to be random based on time and not # of elites (1 every 45 minutes, not 1 every 20 elites) because that would almost certainly push people back to Act 1, again.
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    Something like the "Wealth" Champs are already implemented in "Path of Exile"...

    The Dude who mentioned that prolly took it over, so i wouldnt go as far calling this a "Community Idea" ;)
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    Since it's summer time, I'm spending nearly all of my time playing this game and in my spare times I post on diablo3.com forums and diablofans forums to tell my ideas to somewhat "save" this game. All of my posts were to change existing game mechanics(buff or nerf) or bug reports. But what these guys did here is more than that. I want to thank to every single person who shared their ideas in this project. Overall game balance is more important but this game needs to be more enjoyable and a little more rewarding to the ones who spent the effort at the same time. I have to say I couldn't read all those threads one by one(which makes me amazed that how many people shared ideas in those threads). In this thread, there are some problems for me;

    1. Give an extra negative affix to the packs affected by a positive affix: Depends on what will be the negative affix.

    Armored: Monsters receive 10% less damage but drop a guaranteed ilvl 63 armor piece with the +armor trait: I think this will ruin all game mechanics and AH balance. %10 less damage is not a that good challenge to reward a guaranteed 63 rare armor with +armor. Every people I know will get that guaranteed armor affixed 63 rare by beating that elite pack. Not that hard. What makes this game fun is reaching the best items available being impossibly hard. Makes you farm more and more. I accept all other ideas that I didn't comment here but this will make the game easy which is not what I want after that damn inferno nerf(except izual and pestilence tentacle damage nerf). Also there will be some financial issues with affixes like this which I think Blizzard won't accept.
    Heavy Hitter: Monsters do 10% more damage but drop a guaranteed ilvl 63 weapon with the +percent damage modifier
    Elemental: Monsters damage is converted to a type of elemental damage instead of physical and/or take 50% less damage from elemental sources. Drops a ilvl 63 piece of armor with guaranteed all resistance trait.: Explained above.

    Professor/Engineer: Higher chance to drop blacksmith plans/jeweler designs: Not that bad, but Engineer and Professor terms doesn't mean anything in an rpg based game.
    Forgiving: Fully repair your gear upon defeat: Not that rewarding to make an affix for that.
    Salvager: Drops crafting materials in accordance to the current difficulty level (Including Brimmstones if found on Inferno): Crafting materials should only be earned by salvaging items. This is the only way I think. There should be a cost to craft because you get guaranteed affixes. Crafting costs lowered is a better option I think. Crafting should be seperated from farming.

    Corruption: 1.8% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 offensive affix of the elite they just defeated: I didn't like this idea. This will make the game easier as it is easy enough after Inferno nerf. I'm ok to drop benefits, some very very low unique/set drop chance benefits, random very hard but very rewarding bonus dungeon appearing chances but I'm not ok to insane boosts which will make this game very easy even if it's for a while. This is like some rare weapons only appearing in some stages in Quake 3.

    Blessing: 1.4% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 defensive affix of the elite they just defeated: Quake 3.

    Intimidation: 1.2% chance of randomly infusing player with 1 CC of the elite they just defeated: ...

    I liked all other affix ideas. All other affixes mentioned should be the ones to make this game more enjoyable.
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    I am not one to poo poo on ideas, but some of these (specifically the ones where mechanics would have to be added to the game) will more than likely not see the light of day. Blizard might be seeing your responses and take a look at your base of ideas, which are quite good by the way.

    One thing that concerns me, if you are generally new to Inferno this could be slightly problematic. Think about the new person encountering a 5 affix elite. That would be extremely brutal. I would make the possible spawns only in Act 2-4. At that point, at least the character has been exposed to most of what inferno has to offer and gives folks looking for end game activities something to shoot for. That should help some progress through those Acts and others a challenge to overcome that have it all in farm mode.
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    Quote from Xenocow

    Something like the "Wealth" Champs are already implemented in "Path of Exile"...

    The Dude who mentioned that prolly took it over, so i wouldnt go as far calling this a "Community Idea" ;)
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    Buffs are a cool idea, guaranteed modifiers or ilevels are not
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    If it's here, I suppose we could discuss that once the thread has enough visibility and more ideas ;)

    Doesn't stickying allow that to happen more quickly...
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    I like the original idea, think it would work well having buffs between elites. though i think after the original ideas the rest of them went down hill pretty fast.

    still think they should modify the way the negative ones work now too, waller in particular, at least give walls hit points or prevent them from trapping you with it.
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    This is probably what the game needs right now! Can't wait for this to happen!
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