Positive Monster Affix Ideas (From US Diablo III Forums)

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    Awesome idea.

    At least if these positive affixes are non-constant (e.g. every 10th elite pack has it) and there is a timer associated. But that's just my opinion.

    Gonna add some ideas to the pool. They have probably either been listed already or is similar to some that is, but I thought I'd leave these behind anyway.

    Archon - Increases the damage output of the pack by applying a minor % to movement speed, attack speed and spell damage, however, upon death is applied "Honor of the Nephalem", a buff that doubles the effect of the NV stacks already applied. Lasts 3 minutes.

    Suicidals - (Only applies to rare packs) Upon death of the pack leader will the remaining minions commit suicide. For each of the minions succesfully committing suicide, an extra item will drop from the pack leader. This affix can not be applied to Horde packs.

    Tracker - Upon death of the elite pack will spawn a creature of some sort that will aid you in tracking elite packs and treasure goblins for a set amount of time (e.g. 2-5 mins). The mechanic could simply be arrows on the minimap while the creature could be a goblin finding "hidden footprints" (hehe).

    Insanity - Applies "Insane" buff upon death of the elite pack for 3 minutes. "Insane" increases damage output by 25%, but involves high risk of applying blind and fear upon yourself by direct attacks. This buff can be removed manually if unwanted.

    Perplexing - Upon death of the elite pack is applied the "perplexed" effect. Lasts 5 minutes. The perplexed effect makes the elite packs being encountered changing one of their affixes every 20 seconds (or 30 seconds or so) while the buff is active. If the buff is active upon kill of a new elite pack it will drop double the amount of loot. (Edit: Or possibly just another guaranteed rare)

    Lorekeeper - Upon death of the elite pack drops a scroll that will alow you to name your weapons. (note: It could be purely cosmetic or it could work like an enchantment)
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    Having elites changing their affixes during a fight would be awesome. "Hey look, it's an easy vampiric/plague mob... oh crap now's he's a freaking Arcane/Vortex!!!"

    The lorekeeper one is also pretty nice. I just think things like that scroll shouldn't sell on the AH (you would have to find them yourself).

    Seriously, if they don't take any of this and at least use it on an expansion I'm going to be pissed off :P
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    Quote from Mormolyce

    Not a terrible idea but the affixes you've chosen are a little TOO good :P

    If these ideas were ever to come to fruition in the game, it would make sense that they'd be rare spawn affixes. It would be insanely over the top if like every rare or champ pack had one of these buffs. It would be fun, though.
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    Best idea EVER . Hope to see that in expansion . No chance those blizzard donks would implement any of it sooner.
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    Love some of the ideas put up here. Good work on collecting those.
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    These are awesome. To add some ideas (if they haven't been given already):

    Trick Candle: If all mobs aren't of a set pack aren't killed within an allotted time, killed mobs revive (with less health)
    Stealth: Upon killing a mob, your character takes on the form of the killed mob and becomes stealthed to enemies for an allotted time.
    Prideful: Upon killing a mob, dropped flags have a 100% increased size for an allotted time (awarded to hero with last hit on mob)
    Wanted: By killing this mob, town NPCs sell potions and items, and repair, for less as a sign of gratitude.
    Enlightening: Upon killing a mob, you are allowed to activate a second rune for ONE of your skills for 5 to 10 minutes.
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    Awesome thread, some really cool ideas, hopefully Blizzard will take notice.
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    supported it on the d3 forums, its a great idea i hope blizzard gets creative like this
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    I'd be way on board for something like this =D Maybe whittle it down to like 10 or 15 positive affixes, but still an awesome idea =D
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    Love these ideas! It is amazing how lacking the game was/is at launch and even now. It really fell flat and was basically a skeleton of what it can be. Keep it up, we need them to see these types of ideas. Even if they don't take them, they know we can be an imaginative rather than just a negative community :D
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    Threads v5.0 and v6.0 are out. Updating in OP with new ideas as well.
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    Formatting done. Please check OP, thanks. :)
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    I am ALL about the "awesome bonus, but related buff to the monster" idea for this, especially when combined with the "lose it after a set time." An enemy that carries better gear should hit harder or be tougher (or a little bit of everything, or other bonuses). Plus, the idea of picking up a Fast, Mortar, or Arcane Enchanted (!!!) affix for a couple of minutes just brings out an involuntary evil cackle.
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    More updates!! Please check OP, thnx. :)
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    Yeah I LOVE the idea, I suggested in thread 5

    Annihilus: Upon killing the Elite pack, there is a Uber version of a randomly selected boss from that act in any game within the region. They have a higher chance of Legendary/Set items.
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    v7.0 updated in OP.
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    Typos in OP corrected.

    Finally there's a Blue response. Hope it means something.
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    Why aren't you working for blizzard? Cruel world playing jokes all the time....
    Ideas are amazing btw
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    This is an aswome thread, and these are some fantastic ideas. I don't think the best way to desintivize cheating is to have a level five Valor buff. It's negative reinforcement. They should use the one if the closest elite pack to this one was killed, the positive affixes spawn. This way it works in tandem with Nefelem Valor which will give even bigger bonuses to the player and therefore more insentive to play.
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    You are a FUCKIN GENIOUS!!!!

    Blizzard should hire you to help them improve and pay you for this brilliant idea. This would be fuckin awesome, That would make the farming be much more fun.

    Seriously, thank you.... I love Diablo 3, i dont think the game is crap, like some people say, but that improovement needs to be done, and you were touched by Tyrael and were named the chosen one for this quest that is making the game better.
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