My inferno act 1 farming route

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    Got lucky on this route today. Andariel visage legendary and Natalya helm set item in one run :) Considering my gear, lady luck and godess of RNG have smiled on me. Getting lots of 3 rares per elite (not killing them in one blow).

    As for the Warden and Butcher, It's a good addition but consumes more time (will ad it after I gear up so I can kill them fast). I don't open game for public because it lowers the MF.
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    Quote from Apfen

    I don't know how it is for other chars, but my barb just pops Wrath of The Berserker and kills butcher in a little over a minute, totally worth it timewise, in contrast to the argument regarding the first 5 elites each run. Am I missing something here? I don't change to MF gear or have any on me, so does that make the difference between 20 mins runs and 1 hour runs?

    I don't have high MF stuff so I don't switch (my 75% MF + NV gets me to 150%). Get 2 rares per elite pack in general (sometimes 4, but average is 2). 1 hour run gets you more rares per run, but I concluded that my luck changes with every new game, so more runs per hour gets me better chances (superstition I know) :). As I wrote, found one legendary and one set item in single run. One before that had lowest elite spawn I have ever seen in act 1 and had all crap gear.
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