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Poll: Is Diablo 3 now boring?

Is Diablo 3 now boring? - Single Choice

  • NO 30.5%
  • YES 69.5%
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    Quote from EuQuad

    NO world pvp and world freedom makes this game broing out flat , in d2 you could waypoint your way from act to act , I personally dont like trying to get THE item in one act and then need to remake the game or just do all the quests in order to farm some monsters that i want to farm . And in d2 the fun for me was making that gear , joining that random game and pking ppl that had the guts (in hc mode) to stay in the game while you hostile them.

    those were good times. i hope blizzard are open enough for open pvp while keeping their "arena system". For me and most HC players, the only thing that kept me playing d2 more often was HC PKing
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    I stopped playing a few months ago after I reached 60 and Inferno act II. The game mechanics was basically reduced to farm gold to buy stuff at the Auction House, not actually finding anything worth using. I installed the game again last night thinking I might give it a go but I haven't yet. My wife has the game too so maybe I'll do some multiplayer shenanigan in the weekend.
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    I got bored of grinding softcore inferno for gear so I leveled my hardcore wizard up to 60 and i'm now farming act 1 inferno on HC when I play, it's way more exciting and I enjoy watching myself climb the hardcore rankings on diabloprogress.
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    So, i havent been on D3 for months. But since i once enjoyed this game; and to keep things fresh...

    Is Diablo 3 now boring?

    Yes is still my answer.
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    Im still playing, was very bored and dislike a lot this paragon thing, so after getting lvl30 paragon on my barb SC I went to HC and now I have a WD lvl60 in Inferno ...

    1.0.5 patches makes me feel a little excited.. but I wont come back to SC again ... will try to finish the game and get the new ring in HC ... so who knows will happen after that, atm this is where I wanna go ...
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    Still not boring, and I'm playing it everyday (almost) since release :)
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    Don't necro threads, please.

    If you want to talk about the current state of the game (if it's boring or not), create a new thread. It saves people's time reading replies from a month+ ago.
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