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Poll: Is Diablo 3 now boring?

Is Diablo 3 now boring? - Single Choice

  • NO 30.7%
  • YES 69.3%
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    I alrdy quit playing Diablo 3 after completing hell mode on HC while loosing three lvl 30-49 and five lvl 50-60 characters in the process. I've also been noticing alot of people getting bored of Diablo 3 (from forums, firends, and in-game). i wonder why Diablo 3 is becaming easily boring compared to Diablo 2 (played for six years). Without getting into detail, Diablo 3 is a forgettable boring game in my opinion.

    What makes you feel why Diablo 3 is still fun to play though out inferno, or are you alrdy tired of killing Diablo again an again, or are you bored but havent given up hunting for more loot to prepare yourself for the next upcoming systems/expansions? (pvp)

    >>Please vote honestly if your bored - YES or NO, regardless if your still playing or not
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    ofc yes but i still play it , its a good game but only and only Item hunt/gold ;_;
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    Already stopped playing.
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    im not even killing diablo because act 3 is superior in terms of efficiency...another thing that went bad :\
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    Yes, Diablo 3 is a soild good game that has alot of sense for its gameplay. Although, all of Diablo 3 design is ment for a newer generation who havent experience the Diablo universe. Therefore, Diablo 3 is a forgettble boring game to someone like myself, a diablo veteran.

    P.S.- My #1 reason for playing D2 was the Hardcore PvP/PKing. Knowing it'll be drastically different from D2, kills the exciement
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    I'm currently playing only around once a week. The main thing that breaks the game for me is the necessity to use the AH in order to progress. I played a DH as my first char, and have another 2 chars at 60. Sad thing is that, apart from the DH, all the gear I have in those 3 chars I got on the AH. It just doesn't pay off playing the game for drops, and that's what makes me sad. I find myself "playing the AH" instead of kililng some random bad guy :S. Nonetheless this game was well worth the money and I'll be playing more or less consistently.

    Get bored, don't play for a month, then back to the killing spree for another month :P At the moment I'm on a "bored phase" and will probably stay there until the PvP patch brings some new stuff.
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    Stopped playing 2 weeks after release and started back again two weeks ago. I don't know but I'm having fun again. Can't really put my finger on it. Hopefully it will last until some improvements are made.
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    Its no more or less boring than D1 or D2 was.
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    Quote from phoulmouth

    Its no more or less boring than D1 or D2 was.

    true that
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    should add "are you burnt out" option, I voted no but then again I only have 110 hours on my "main".

    Quote from KillDiablosMom

    I've also been noticing alot of people getting bored of Diablo 3 (from forums, firends, and in-game). i wonder why Diablo 3 is becaming easily boring compared to Diablo 2 (played for six years). Without getting into detail, Diablo 3 is a forgettable game in my opinion.

    When did you play those 6 years, the beginning or later half? The only reason I played D2 for as long as I did is being forced to make new chars to try out a new build. D2 vanilla was forgettable too but hey we all have our own perspectives.
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    Quote from KillDiablosMom

    I alrdy quit playing Diablo 3 after completing hell mode on HC

    This is the only thing left for me to do. I log in once every few day or so and play for a few hours, trying to accomplish that goal. Right now I'm progressing through nightmare. I'm pretty sure once I get to hell and possibly completes it, that'll mark the end for me for now.
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    ah.. I predicted this would happen a month and half ago. Just came back to check the forums to see whats up. And all you fanboys actually thought that the patches would fix the game? There needs to be an act of God to fix the game now, I'm talking a massive patch, that also removes the RMAH AT THE LEAST, then it is a start. Right now it's just empty farts from blizzard.
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    Fundamentally no, the game isn't boring at all. But since its reduced from a gear grind to a gold grind to buy gear on the AH, or worse, spend real cash for gear, its become boring. Uniques were never as rare in D2 as legendaries are in d3. Theres just not much reward from grinding to slowly get rewarded with little nuggets of gold that weeks later can buy something decent so you can...grind gold faster.

    I want to collect legendary items, set items, get patterns for my blacksmith and JC, and these things just do not drop in game. I mean i know they *do* drop, cause someone somewhere has them for sale on the AH, but I have zero chance to just play the game and get some cool stuff. The only "cool stuff" i ever find is just more gold to slowly save up and hope i'm saving faster than the AH is inflating, which right now is a seemingly impossible task. I remember when a Skull Grasp ring was like 6mil on the GAH...now they are well over 100 mil... and since i have such a minuscule chance to get one myself(effectively zero), I'll never afford one, and that's just one item for one slot for one character, and its probably not even the best i can get.
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    The other problem with D3, is if i take a break, and come back to the game in a few months, or even a couple years later, I'll have nothing to do... i'll still have my max level barbarian, and i can go farm act 1 inferno some more for gold, and thats just about it.
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    Is it boring? No.

    Do I still play it regularly? No. I'm burnt out, even though I've "only" put in around 120 hours. Also, that damn steam sale.

    Anyway, I knew this would happen based off of my experience with D2. I'd play a bunch for a few weeks, and then drift off for 6-9 months, then play again.
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    Nope, not boring, but I take gaming at a casual pace and don't have the time or energy to burn in 100 hours a week like some people.
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    Sadly. I had to vote yes.
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    voted yes, even though i probably still put 20 - 30 hrs a week into it. Some little piece of me believes this game will succeed, eventually. But yeah it is boring, you can only 'unwrap so many gifts' before you start feeling like Santa clause is deliberately fucking with you, and your excitement turns to annoyance and boredom..
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    I got bored of Diablo 3 a while ago. I'm not necessarily saying the game is bad, though. And I find it difficult to compare to Diablo 2's fun-ness for couple reasons.
    1) The ever-present nostalgia factor. Sequels rarely ever surpass their predecessors, and nostalgia is a big factor for that. When I played Diablo 2, I was a kid. Now, I'm an adult, and I just don't get the same enjoyment out of games than I did back then. It's not Diablo 3's fault, it's mine.
    2) The choices of games then compared to now. Nowadays, you have tons of blockbusters to compare to D3. I've seen lots of Skyrim comparisons (even though they're vastly different games), GW2 comparisons (I have yet to play it but I enjoyed GW), LoL and other MOBA comparisons, and there's a ton of other games that take away from the focus Diablo 3 can get (if I'm playing Diablo 3 at the end of September, I will uninstall immediately for Borderlands 2).

    Yes, the removal of having to create new characters to try new builds reduced the replayability of the game. Maybe I would still be playing if respecs were out, but I probably wouldn't enjoy having to plan things out and respec if I made a single mistake.
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