RMAH - Success Stories (if any...?)

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    Yeah, figure out the price, if it doesn't sell drop by 15%, repost.

    I should have kept a spreadsheet, it would have been awesome to have for comparison.

    But the one item i remember was the lvl 63 pants

    2 sockets
    +280 armor
    170 intel
    175 vit
    +60 all res

    The only reason I didn't keep them was they had no MF

    I posted them in RMAH for 175, they sold in about 10 minutes. Those were by far the best pants I'd found, I just couldn't sack the mf on my depth diggers, which I'd paid 50$ for in RMAH, using my bnet bucks :D

    Time accumulating all of it, well I tried to stay away from RMAH at first, but once I ran out gold slots I started selling in it, maybe about 2 - 3 weeks in, which led me to accidently putting a few auctions into bnet dollars, to the tune of like 100 bucks. Then i was like, well I should spend it since I can't transfer it, used it to buy some upgrade I can't remember. After that I thought bugger it, people are posting awesome stuff in here, and I can buy it with money made from selling mid tier items.

    So probs half my gear now is bnet dollar purchases. Most of which comes from selling items from 9.99 and 3.95, prob takes me 2 - 3 weeks to get up to 250$ then i hunt for an upgrade. Though I've never paid 250$ for anything, my biggest purchase was the occulus for 150$

    100 - 316 dps
    18% mf
    82 intel
    84 vit
    7% crit chance
    8 arcane on crit
    10% spectral blade dmg

    I can guarantee my old orb source with similar stats but no MF, will sell for 75 - 100, so I paid 50 bnet bucks for the mf :D

    Wiz is currently 98.5k dps, 44k hp, 37% crit chance, 300% crit dmg, 4.4% life leech, base of 151 m/f. So thank you RMAH, works for me even if I don't find OP items..
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    I wonder if this will give me enough motivation to farm a little and try to make back the money I spent on the Collector's Edition. The game just didn't turn out to be as good as I thought it would be. Would be nice knowing I got the money back. Maybe even a little more.

    Then maybe come back in the future after some patches.
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    i make enuff to buy another 20 copies of D3 xD
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    RMAH is not like GAH, if an item does not sell it does not mean you need to lower the price. Some stuff i was selling for a months with the same price all the time and eventually it sold. Made over 1000 euro already, so not bad lol, i didn't expect to make even 50 euro in the beginning.
    Quote from D_oo_M

    i make enuff to buy another 20 copies of D3 xD

    haha same here :D
    You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.
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    Quote from DeepThought

    I've avoided RMAH both as a buyer and a seller. Success!

    I can understand not buying things but not wanting free money sounds more like... Failure!
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    ive only sold for about 90 euro...
    one time i bought a quiver for 450k gold and sold it for 14 euro LOL
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    Made ~$200 first week, haven't really played much since though
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    I've been doing pretty well. I started a blog that lists the stuff I sold:
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    It seems that lot of people in US have made lot of profit, maybe just american's want easy way i don't know or they just like spending loaned money hehe, but i haven't made really great deals yet biggest have been 12,5€ for a Blackthornes Neck, i've made overall around 25€, my tactic always been selling stuff cheap sometimes with higher prices.

    But past week has been really quiet for me, i'm not sure if its the playerbase dropped ? Or just people have already too high gear.

    My analysis is that people will want more gear from RMAH and GAH when PvP launches in order to compete better, since i bet lot of people want to go DPS instead of sustain, so that will create different type of gear need in the market, thus more items will sell. But blizzard needs to hurry up, or players will leave.
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    sold crappy blackthorn pants for the 70 euro 1st day rmah launched
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    Ive made about 250 dollars selling on RMAH and put it all back into my toon lol. But yeah market has kinda dried up lately. Still selling but not as much as before.
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    Sold a chest for $100, someone bought it a couple hours after i placed it up, was 70 dex, 70 vit, 70 all res, 60 phys res and 3 sockets.
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    Quote from DeepThought

    I've avoided RMAH both as a buyer and a seller. Success!

    Because the RMAH is teh devil! I mean really, who wants to get payed for playing a video game from the comfort of their own home right?
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