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    but then you would be too powerful and then again the game would be boring again. I for one enjoyed the days when act 2 inferno was horrible. It made me play with a sense of accomplishment, now I just destroy things. I was hoping they were gonna make things tougher, bump up the char level or give us a little 'instance' to do or something. I think the whole point of trying new affixes and new builds is the challenge of doing things at a handicap.

    I don't think being too powerful in a Diablo game should be a problem. That was the whole point of the series until D3 inferno. Diablo series made its bread and butter off of casuals. Taking casuals out of the D3 endgame could be catastrophic to the series. D3 is not a game that should be super hard. As my friends who play casual reach inferno, they quit the game. The same friends that farmed the hell out of D1 and D2. WoW-like time investment should not be required to enjoy the endgame of D3.

    Not quite so res on monk is 925..if I had 1850 I would literally be unstoppable. Getting to 500 isn't too tough, but if thats doubled its 1000 and nearing easy mode. I don't think it takes insaely amounts of time, sometimes you just need to get that lucky drop.....I'm still waiting for mine but who knows. I think the mobs should be harder than what they are now.

    My last response before I need to take care of some stuff. Like I said in my last post, I doubt you would actually double your defense. You may get more, say around 1200 but you would begin to focus more on offensive skills. You wouldn't need as much defense if you kill things faster. Killing things faster is less boring than long drawn out battles for the Diablo player of years past. As for the game being harder,. its never been really hard, its just a gear check. Casuals don't want to waste the time to move up. And being casuals, they won't spend the money to gear up in RMAH because they are only casually invested interest wise to begin with. The game needs to become easier to gear if it will last.

    Edit: I'll check back later, and thank you guys for the responses.
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    If they just fixed some of the damage types (desecrator, molten, etc.) things would be better.
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    Let me explain why this isn't a very good idea. There is a formula behind all resist. Many people think it has diminishing returns, but this is in fact an illusion. What diminishes is the rate that it converts to a %. Due to damage reduction scaling via multiplication, a stat like all resist gets exponentially better the more of it you have, as a % of course. The diminishing returns effectively create a linear scaling on damage reduction. We're already reducing so much damage, that if you could gain another 1000+ resist, you would be tanky enough to essentially break the game. It would heavily devalue items without top tier all resist.

    The real benefit to it though would be dps builds. With that much defensive power in one stat, you could afford to ignore vitality almost entirely. This would give you roughly the same amount of effective health, but vastly increased dps due to the increased item budget.
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