How to make gold?

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    I started farming since I did 60, 250 hours playtime and I'm always stuck at about 2 milions or so

    When I find a good 63 lvl item I just sell it for max 1 mln if I want to sell it, because prices are so inflationated in gold auction house

    I play in EU and I'm really getting bored with farming with no results, I fall asleep every time I try to do it

    I cleared inferno a week ago so it's the only thing that I can do at the moment

    I play wizard and I'm able to farm act 1 in solo (over 200 mf swap) and act 3 in coop (even with pug due to the critical mass build)
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    mmm well, i make about 150k from act 1 runs (no gold find, just the 5 NV) but it really gets boring. In act 2 i think i make less, haven't really tryed act 3 for this.
    Say, when you sell in the AH, are you making a search for the stats in the item you are selling too se what is worth? Maybe you are lloking for the worng stats too.
    Let's say i have a braces with 400 armor, 200 dex, 90 str, 90 int, 8% crit, 40 arcane res, 30 all res.
    For that one, i would search for bracers with crit, dex, arcane res, and see what they are worth. Then i would replace the arcane with the all res in my search, and see wich one pays better.
    Only then i would put the item for sale
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    Selling UNID's in trade is a decent way to make gold, most of them are going to suck anyways and in trade for a decent level 63 rare you can get a decent amount of gold from it. (make sure to start a bidding war in trade ) =D
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    Remember when you're selling that people are on a budget. You might not want to post stuff for say 210k when you could post for just under 200.. example: Jim Bob wants a new axe but he'll be paying max 200k today... so he searches for max 200k buyout and yours is on top of the list.
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    It's all about how many elites you kill in X amount of time and about luck.
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    From what I've gathered the real farming starts in Act 3. While Act 1 may be profitable I think it requires a lot of gold/magic find. In Act 3 your chances of getting an iLvl 63 is far greater than Act 1 and you just hope they are itemized good. Apparently you may only get one or two a night, but you could sell for millions.
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    the easy way to make gold was to play when the game was released, now u need really perfect gear to make money millions. and chances in all acts for that are low.. So yeah the longer the game continues the harder to make gold, but it will be cheaper to buy really decent gear

    but the imba gear will make u rich , so its waiting on the lottery...1 good item now will be insane rich, but its not that fun offcourse waiting for it to drop hehe

    pvp might change that, since people might need other gear and other gear becomes more valuable, since few items now are valualble,

    certain gear thats now worthless might suddenly be very needed.. so its wait and see

    most people who have imbagear got it before patch when blue items sold for millions

    i63 is just as crappy as other ilevel, just can roll better stats, but a full bag of 63 can still give u all crap.
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    I just got the hang of the AH myself, after struggling to make any gold for a while. Here are a couple tips:

    1. Know what people want. You would be amazed how many people slavishly follow some of the more popular guides. Read what they suggest and if you find it, chances are good it will sell quickly.

    2. Your only limitation is 10 AH slots, so make sure you keep them open. This means pricing to move if you plan to list more things sooner than later (ie. if you are actively farming). This also means you can mark up a decent item if you don't plan to need your AH listings for a while (ie. you are taking a break for a few days).

    3. Buy smart. It takes gold to make gold. Whether your approach is gearing up a bit to farm faster or using the gold to flip items you know will sell for more, making sure you are getting a decent price is obviously a big deal. If you are paying too much, in the long run you are shorting yourself by a lot. Buying your gear piecemeal over a week is usually a better plan than buying it all at once.

    It doesn't really take much luck to build up a few million per week if you are adhereing to these rules. I have yet to find a big-ticket item. Most of what I sell goes for 100k or less. I simply have a good idea of what sells now and make the decision to vendor/melt/AH loot more quickly. I also rarely have things sit on the AH for more than a few hours when i'm farming because I actually want re-sellers to try and grab my listings for markup. Let them put my rares back up for 100k more gold. They'll end up waiting days to sell it and i'll have the slot open to make another 90-100k an hour later.

    tl;dr: When you can't market your items as a designer label (ie. those perfect drops everyone wants) you need to think like a wholesaler. Sell the necessities. Sell them fast. Sell them in bulk. You don't make a lot all at once, but you do see appreciable gains over time. I went from hovering around 1.3m a week ago to just breaking the 20m mark. Those profits were mostly from low to mid-range items, materials, gems, etc. I also play very casually so this isn't a case of endless farming or gaming the AH constantly.
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    I run act 1 from highland to butcher,solo if u can if not join group.
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    I've been toying with the idea of a gold find AOE character who farms areas with high concentrations of weak mobs. Might be something worth looking into!
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    The best make to make gold is know that value of materials. Don't salvage something over 1200 gold vendor value, because you can sell the mats on AH for more. Don't grind in an area where you dies a few times, repairing costs too much now. GF may be more valueable than MF when trying to mass riches. The big drops will happen but if you can spike you GF over 200% you will be surprised how much gold you grab, seriously.....just think about it.

    These little things will make a significant difference in your bankroll
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    I posted this in a different topic but figured id just copy paste it rather than write it from scratch!

    I do several things, i farm act 3 with 250MF but that gear will cost u properbly more than you have :) I also farm the Auciton house, you can get ALOT of steals that u can repost, you dont even need a gazillion gold to get started, just need a little patience. Here are two examples:

    Farming act 1 is also very easy and can give alot of profit since you cant get into act 3. What i do when i farm act 1 is this:

    Make a game with the quest: The Imprisoned Angel - The Cursed Hold

    1. WP to Festering Woods - Clean the area, can have gobbie, 3 packs + an event and always has 2 crypts with 1 rare in each.
    2. WP to Leoric's Manor - Clear the manor, there can be rares inside and there will more or less ALWAYS be one outside it, if not two, then head out of the manor, clearing the area outside moving down while checking for rares and gobbies and head into Northern Highlands, clear the place and look for a Forgotten Tower, its usually in the SW corner if it spawns, the tower can have 0 - 10 rares
    3. WP to Old ruins, check the two cellars quickly
    4. WP to Cemetery of the Forsaken, there are 3 crypts that usually have 1 or more rares each and can have gobbies and twice i have seen a resp chest. Also around the area where the WP is, another rare can spawn.
    5. WP to Halls of Agony Level 2 and clear your way through and get all the rares you can find, kill Warden and then Butcher.

    Thats what i do and i make quite a good deal of gold, not billions but enough to splash around gold when i want upgrades!

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    I don't have the money to get gear to farm act 3 so I just farm act 1. I bought gear that has both GF and MF and I noticed it makes a huge difference. When I just used 5 stacks I took in 100-150k or so. With my GF/MF gear I make 250-300k a run. I bought all that gear for maybe a litte over 1mil and I don't die running act 1 unless I do something stupid.
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    Use the AH and the people who forget to set sockets into their gear (Mostly effective with Dex/Vit gear). For example if i buy a chest with 160 dex and 50 vit + 3 unsocket slots for 50k you can easily sell it for 1-10 millions.
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    I started off with having a magic find set and doing Butcher farm runs. It was a decent way to make gold. From there in later acts, I'd upgrade my gear to have survivability and magic find. I can do A3 speed runs with decent survival stats and unbuffed MF of 190. This is on my barbarian.
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    Quote from CobraKaji

    I don't have the money to get gear to farm act 3 so I just farm act 1. I bought gear that has both GF and MF and I noticed it makes a huge difference. When I just used 5 stacks I took in 100-150k or so. With my GF/MF gear I make 250-300k a run. I bought all that gear for maybe a litte over 1mil and I don't die running act 1 unless I do something stupid.

    FYI, Act2 is a good stepping stone into act3. I don't feel comfortable "farming," act3 on my barb, although i've cleared it twice now, but act2 is easy. There is a notable gain in item quality over time if you step up. Also, I find that act2 has far more fun and rewarding events (like the timed dungeon).
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    Have to kill as many elites as possible as fast as possible i find its easier to make gold by selling items rather than gold find
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    get around 200% mf farm a1 (its much bether that farm a3 with just nv)
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    Personally, I've had a lot of success doing Act 1 farm runs. The route I use is fairly well known, but for anyone curious I go Festering Woods, Leoric's Manor, Cemetery of the Forsaken, Halls of Agony 2, ending with a Warden/Butcher run.

    I used to not make much money doing this, running with about 250% magic find, but when I got over 300%, the good items just started dropping everywhere.

    I've also heard that Act 3 Nightmare runs with gold find gear, going Heart of Sin-Azmodan are pretty profitable, and can make up to 500k an hour.
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    i found a weapon (sold it for 13 mil) by butcher :) it wasnt on my main/farm character, just played for fun
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