Diablo 3 User Trade Rating (beta)

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    So in an effort to help other players avoid scam trades, I spent an hour or so whipping up a quick page that allows you to post a user that others can rate if they had a good experience or not, with the results of likes/dislikes right there. I started it off by adding myself. Since i rarely trade with people, feel free to like/dislike me all you want.. Although you can only like or dislike a user once.

    This is a pretty simple page atm but thats partially because I wanted it to be, and I only had an hour or so today to work on it. All you do is just submit a users btag and then you can like or dislike once it gets approved. There are no comments currently because I didnt see a need for someone to say why they liked/disliked a trade, but if enough people like this then I may add it later.

    To reduce the number of trolls and people trying to mess with it, I am limiting the number of players you can submit to 5 (temporarily). I also have it set up to be approved by me(also temporarily). I will check and approve legit entries very regularly for the next few days. Once there is a good number of submissions, I will probably remove the approval.

    If there is enough interest, I plan to make it look a little nicer and add some more features. If you run into any errors or have any questions/suggestions. Feel free to post here!

    Page is here: http://enspired.us/d3bay/index.php
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    Just checked it out, seems pretty good. I would enforce the battletag though, as there's already a name in it without a battletag. Also: might want to change the easy like/dislike button. Force people to type out the name + battletag and then an option with Like/Dislike. People will just spam dislike (or like, but probably dislike), if you keep it like this.

    Just some constructive criticism, hope it helps.
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