Diablo 3 Endgame Suggestion: 'Survive or Die'

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    I came up with this idea a few days ago and also made a video about it. Currently, D3 is lacking endgame content for people that cleared inferno and farmed already many hours for decent gear. You could always find better gear, but right now there isn't much point to do so and if your gear is already 99 % perfect, people tend to get bored to farm the same route every day (it's getting repetitive).

    My suggestion as end game is a gameplay type called 'Survive or Die' (SoD).
    • Survive or Die takes place in an arena like Ring of Trials or Ring of Valor.
    • It's not PvP, but PvE.
    • SoD consists of 12 rounds, each round lasting 3 minutes. In each round, a range of different monster spawns and attacks you. More and more monsters spawn and you have to fight them off to stay alive.
    • After 3 minutes passed, all remaining mobs of this round die and the next round begins.
    • Every 3 rounds, there would be a boss that's hard to kill and gives additional points.
    • There would be a score for each game (you can see the current score of your game live), and you get points for each monster killed and bonus points
    • Bonus points could be for example goblins that randomly spawn and need to be killed quickly, if you go for goblins and risk your life you could end up dieing.
    • Difficulty wise, each round gets harder than the previous one. For example, R1 could be A2 monsters, R2 A3 monsters, up to R10+ which would contain very strong monsters that aren't even in game yet.
    With a score and ranking system, people would finally have something to strive for. Improve the gear and try to beat your previous SoD score. Or try to optimise your playstyle, spec and teamwork.

    SoD should be doable solo and in 4 man groups which require teamplay. A multiplayer mode, where you queue up and get matched against other opponents (for example 4x 4 player groups) is also possible, and you would see the score of each team live while you are doing the SoD game.

    Here is the video which contains a more detailed explanation and kind of an example of this system used in an old korean MMO:

    I think this could work very well in Diablo 3 and would make the game much more attractive to people who cleared it and also increase the longevity of the game.
    Let me know what you think about this gameplay type and if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask them.
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    great idea imo, a PvE style mini game (similar to what Starcraft affords with certain Custom Maps) would definitely beef up the end-game possibilities.

    There could be 'official' maps that work along a Ladder + Matchmaking system, and that award players item/gold rewards upon successful completions (f.ex chest at end).

    At the same time, there could be sandbox maps where players could just play for 'fun'.

    Hell, the various gameplay modes you can add to this are tremendous:
    1. Solo/Team PvE Match: A player/team plays to survive, and if all rounds are beat then he/she/they win the reward.
    2. Solo/Team PvE Challenge: Two players/teams start at exactly the same time and the first team to finish 'wins' the reward.
    3. PvE + PvP Challenge: Similar to point #2, but every X rounds (eg. every 5th round), both teams are put in the same arena and have to duke it out, and only the 'winner' gets to fight a boss battle that gives an extra reward.
    4. etc.
    EDIT: just checked out the video and it looks like you touched on most of the above modes already, kudos :)
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    Excellent idea indeed +1
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    Excellent idea man, love your thinking.
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    Great Idea. I'd love to see this! +1
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    lotro skirmishes
    basically u have to defend a castle vs several waves until a boss spawns in the last phase
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    I've been thinking about something very similar too. Every time I do the Jar of Souls event, I wish it would last longer - or just keep going! I'd love a Jar of Souls event where it just keeps going, exponentially spawning things to kill until you die :D
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    This is awsome, i feel i've played a similar "mini-game" in my days and i would love if we add this to our diablo 3 world. I'm geting quite tired of farming for nothing and this would atleast give me/you goals.

    There would be cool if they added more "mini-games" like small bgs/freeforall/catchtheflag. And pandorium events whoulndt be bad either. That improved diablo 2 much and i think it will make diablo 3 more enjoyable.

    But cudos on this and this seems like a great way to go. Post it on the official forums if you havent already considering the devs arent here.

    Regards Xpire.
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    I have an idea for end-game crafting

    Let say we've found an iLvl 63 shoes, but it doesn't really fit into our class stats. Stats are:
    Str 100
    Dex 100
    Int 100
    Vit 100
    MF 10%
    All resistance 40

    The idea is to go to special NPC or blasmith who will let us change 1 chosen stat to randomly chosen (could be different).
    Of course we pay for it depending on iLvl (let say 30k for ilvl63 stat rerandomize). Lower ilvl would do stat randomization cheaper.

    Ok, I chose to change STR. My luck was bad so i got:
    Str 100 ----> Health globe +3000
    Dex 100
    Int 100
    Vit 100
    MF 10%
    All resistance 40

    So i end up with even worse item, but I can redo action with same/another stat as many times as i want (and willing to pay)

    Of course the price of stat randomization shoud be properly set in order to avoid flooding market with godly item "too soon".
    Hope this could be introduced in DLC or future patch. This would really encorage me to search for gold or risk 8% crit amu to get 8.5% crit
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    Quote from Xpire

    But cudos on this and this seems like a great way to go. Post it on the official forums if you havent already considering the devs arent here.

    Getting attention from Blizzard is like close to impossible as a normal player. The only way they might get to know of suggestions like that, is if famous gamers like Kripparrian or Athene pick up ideas like these and share them to the public, because those players have access to a much larger audience.

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback tho, much appreciated, although this will probably be a dream forever ;)
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    I would hope something like this could be implemented. I was a bit skeptical at first until you mentioned a ranking system, which made it much more appealing to me
    Looking forward to more videos, too ;)
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