Crafting, worth it?

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    Heya guys, forumnewbie here (but longtime Diablo player ;) ).

    I just found some blacksmithing plans, a Exalted Grand Galraki. If i craft it it'll have 6 properties, which is pretty awesome. Before, I saw BS as a waste of time, before I got some good recipes (hell, my bs is level 4 or something...).

    My question is, does anyone recommend crafting a Grand Galraki? Especially seeing as it takes certain stats for a weapon to sell. Or would I be better off just selling the recipe for 2 million gold? Or perhaps even saving the plans in case blizz decides to buff them? Any thoughts guys?

    Thanks in advance ^^
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    If you're hurting for gold, sell it. If not, doesn't hurt to own it. Blizzard most likely will not buff the item, but RNG on 6 properties can be really good so I'd personally learn it if it was mine.
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    I agree as well. I would learn it and craft it, with 6 properties I'm sure you would get something great and get some good coin.

    Nice find man! I'm a bit jealous.
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    the problem with weapons is you would have to roll many good rolls to compete with blue 63 gear that has the next level of stats that your 62 weapon just can't have.

    Before you go learning it I would take a look at where lvl 62 weapons fall in the grand scheme of things.
    You would need
    life on hit
    high elemental dmg
    +% dmg

    or about 4 rolls of 6 going your way and you would need high elemental dmg not just any elemental dmg would do
    then take a look at how much clicking the craft costs, those suckers aint cheap.

    I'm sure there is somewhere that has computed the math of getting what you need but it probably is in the 1/100 or 1/1000 range which is very expensive if the craft costs are 80k
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    Yeah, there is a reason that 6 prop armor patterns are 50mil and weaps are 2mil or less..
    It is very hard to make a decent ilvl 62 weap and even if it all goes your way it won't be amazing. If you get the highest rolls on damage it will still need LoH to be good.

    I suppose if it has decent Loh crit damage and a socket then it doesn't have to have as high damage, but that would be extremely rare.
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    Even if it has maxed out loh,crit, socket, and 200 str or dex and 0 bonus damage you won't sell it because no one wants 300-400 dps weapon even with such stats
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    Seems we have two camps here... Each to his own ofc, but I think I'd take a chance selling it on the RMAH. Seems like the chances of getting a good weapon of 800+dps are not looking good... thanks for the answers all ^^
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