Auction House - Bid War Tutorial

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    Or remove the timer altoghether... I don't even know why it's there, it promotes this kind of behavior.
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    Its like this guys targeted audience is 5-7 yr olds :D
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    Quote from DuriDurlag

    - Proxy bidding is not good because you can't use the gold in the meantime. You basically have to put on 40M on some items for a long period of time while you can't do anything with that money. This is especially interesting in diablo3 because most people don't sit on a bank of hundreds of millions.

    Not true.

    You are comparing something like 1d8h left to 3 minutes left.

    As a proxy bidder you won't snipe an item however you do obviously not have to bid immediately. You can wait till there are only a couple of hours left.

    - Proxy bidders have problems guessing the value of items because sometimes they are not really comparable and therefore it's hard to know how much you have to bid. Snipe bidders can just look at the current bid and think about their privat value of the item and bid this privat value. With this method they can also achieve quite some discounts on the item because they don't give the proxy bidders time to react to their bet.

    There is no difference between proxy bidders and snipers. Both will think about the private value and bid this private value. Obviously there is no discount here either if both bid their private values. There is only a discount if 2 persons decide to bid only the minimum bid and the person who bid the last time will win.

    And as said proxy bidder have to guess the endprice. If they are willing to pay their personal value right away, again there is no reason to do so, because they will pay more with proxy bidding than with you paying this amount 1 second before auction ends

    Care to give an example why this should be true?

    If a proxy bidder bids his personal value A and another bidder snipes with value B then there is no real difference if both are prox bidders or snipers. The price will be the same.
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    Here's a question;

    Why the hell don't they suspend the timer when the servers/AH is offline?

    I must've lost millions because the AH was down the last 6 hours of my item being up. I netted 8.1mil on a sweet Archon Crown.....but I can't help but to think what I may have gotten. If there's 5 hours left on your item and the AH goes down, there should be 5 hours left on your item when the AH comes back online. This is a fuck-all ridiculous oversight.

    A word to the wise; Never post a high-end item on Sunday night.
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