Appearently we are evil and doomed :P

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    Didn't know if I should post this in off topic, but its sorta about diablo 3 so lol.

    Don't even remember how dafuq I got there from googling a diablo build lol.

    Kinda made me laugh though and at the same time curious to what kind of special bubble they live in.. They do use the witchcraft called the interwebz in said bubble.
    I'm not even going to attempt to fight the blind faith on there xD. Some have tried - seemed fun, like bashing your head against a brickwall :).

    I have to say, I feel sorry for their children..
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    it's a satire site...very well done and very funny...their achievements are awesome ! ;)
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    yaeh I just noticed it aswell just came in to post it haha.

    The Landover Baptist Church is a fictional[1] Baptist church based in the fictional town of Freehold, Iowa. The Landover Baptist web site and its associated Forum are a satire of fundamentalist Christianity and the Religious Right in the United States.

    they really, really act the part tho..

    edit: Basicly, I guess its the site where the most hardcore trolls dwell. Quoting bible texts like theres no 2morrow, crazy. Now I feel sorry for people who really went on and debated that shit instead of had a laugh xD.

    btw; this is the thread that gave it away for me :P just.. lol..
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    that screenshot though, I want to play that game XD
    Quote from name="Bashiok" »

    End game solutions
    We recognize that the item hunt is just not enough for a long-term sustainable end-game. There are still tons of people playing every day and week, and playing a lot, but eventually they're going to run out of stuff to do (if they haven't already). Killing enemies and finding items is a lot of fun, and we think we have a lot of the systems surrounding that right, or at least on the right path with a few corrections and tweaks. But honestly Diablo III is not World of Warcraft.
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    It's a very obvious troll site. But it's nice!
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    oh my god the people who post there taking it seriously <3
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    Jurassic World – 2015
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    That site is awesome, an old speech made by someone from that site:

    The best part is when right wing christian nutters join the site and think its real.
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    Quote from Findulidas

    The best part is when right wing christian nutters join the site and think its real.

    Like that's hard. One of the defining characteristics of fundamentalists of any stripe is that they have absolutely no sense of irony. I'm not sure if this is cause or effect.
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    For like... 15 mins of reading that site, I was actually believeing what I was reading..

    I got trolled BIG time.. and I enjoyed it :P
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    That site is awesome
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    How can people believe this is not a troll? I mean the first thing I saw was:

    Lycia The Repentant
    Ex-prostitute on her knees for the Lord
    Now that she's Saved©, Priceless

    True Christian™

    and look at those badges.... "Ex-Slut" "Born again Virgin"
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    "The game is infinitely long! It never ends! It's a calculated attempt by Blizzard into forcing people into Diablo-addiction and a life-time of servitude to Satan!"

    hmmm....I agree
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