Anya The Battlemage!

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    Introducing Anya The Battlemage!

    Just put together a video this evening of some Act 2/3 runs. Playing melee as a Wizard might not seem like the ultimate choice but I'm having a lot of fun with it. I started out like most others using all kinds of ranged abilities and I enjoy swapping skills around, testing new things but I've been playing this spec or variations of it for a few weeks and find that even though it's very gear dependant I feel it has potential.

    There's a second short vid for the obligatory gear/talent check. I could use some more AS and Crit Dmg for sure and well.. hey it never stops. Rome wasn't built in a day! Anyway I hope you enjoy the Diablo 2 music if nothing else!

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    Man, dat music in the first video gave me so much nostalgia.
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    Have you tried the WW/EB variant? It's actually quite a bit stronger than blades/meteor if you have AP on crit on at least one slot.

    See my thread on it here:
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    the music... wow. second poster nailed it. so much nostalgia.

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    Skip to 10:28 for a real action moment btw :-)
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    More like 200 million mage or 3K euro , btw you all bad who uses helms without crit just 6% for standart crit and up to 10 % for explosions = WIN thats like 15% more crit also if you find helm with like 150 int its GOLD i have bought one with 100 int 100 vit 6 crit 5 to explosions crit and MF for like 150 K gold.

    And Illiusionist passive is a waste of slotIMO i can generate TP coldown from crits in few explosions so i can move on terrain at insane speed with my wormhole rune 12ms boots. generating coldowns from trash packs.
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    thats some nice gear to trow on a "not so effective" spec... if she just used a "normal" kind of spec she could do what she just did 10 times easier.

    im not saying that she shouldn't do this... i mean its fun an all! but it require so much "good" gear that any random build can work whit that kind of gear
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    Thanks guys for your replies.

    I realize there are other builds.. hundreds. Yes I've tried WW/ES and many other combinations. I also acknowlege that some of the gear isn't 100% but as I said, Rome wasn't built in a day. I would disagree regarding Illusionist btw. Critical Mass + Illusionist is quite strong. It basically means having 2 extra meat shields up almost all the time coupled with the ability to jump out of pools/walls/arcane beams etc. I'm not using it for fast travel but if you choose to do that then that's your preference.. whatever works for you :-)

    By including Act 3 gameplay I probably gimped the effect a little - jump to 10:28 and see the rest from there for some Act 2 action. As you can see it's looking more like it compared to Act 3, and the reason is of course that this build is very gear dependant. With 10% better gear, the Act 2 gameplay at least would be quite convincing.

    Just wanted to try something different and it looks like I might stick with this or small variants of it to see how far I can push it. I don't want to mention WoW (oh I just did) but I play many chars and often find myself playing builds most people don't bother using just for kicks. People are strange..

    Oh and yes the Diablo 2 music is just great :> Here's a playlist I put together a few years ago.

    Have fun :-)
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    Being that the video is quite long I've updated it with some links popping up after half a minute to key parts of the gameplay. Siegebreaker, Zoltan Kulle, The Storm Halls, The Unknown Depths and an Editor's Pick with some hectic action vs 2 elite packs in a tight area.
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