Do you use commodity AH?

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    I have a question, the amount of materials in an auction matters? lets say 1 of 1000, it will sell the same as if I make 10 auctions of 100 each?

    Depends on what item I put on sale.

    High tier gems: I sell individually, as probably people don't need 10 radiant star.
    Essences: I put on 10 or 100 together, most of the time the smaller pack goes faster.
    Tomes/pages: I sell 100pcs together at least, usually goes fast.

    But honestly, I'm still learning gAH, so you might find out better tactics.

    I don't mind selling in small amounts, but the system for the commodities is weird and I didn't know one person have to buy for everything, I thought for a moment that if I set an auction with 1000 gems then it would sell to more than just one person...

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    New features were added to the site! And more coming!

    Have a look!
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    Sorry, I'm a bit noobish, but I have rigistered, and don't know how to upgrade the account?
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