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    Here is an idea on the MF issue, separate from the 5 proposed solutions by Blizzard. Please leave feedback in a way that benefits the discussion.

    In one sentence: Make the Jeweler able to “disenchant” an item that has MF, and let him apply a set percentage of this recovered MF to another item of the same slot, with an equal item level.

    I’ll illustrate this with an example where the recoverable MF would be 1/100 (1%) of the original item’s MF:

    1. You find an item level 63 bracer with 12% MF and some other stats.
    2. You have the Jeweler “disenchant” it for a gold fee.
    3. The Jeweler stores 1% of the original 12% MF in a pool dedicated to “ilvl 63 bracer”. This would be 0,12% MF.
    4. You have the Jeweler “enchant” your favourite ilvl 63 “awesome bracer of dps” with this 0,12% MF.
    5. You buy another item level 63 bracer with 16% MF on the AH, which you let the Jeweler disenchant too.
    6. The total MF on your “awesome bracer of dps” would now be 0,12 + 0,16 = 0,28% MF.
    7. Etc etc until a maximum MF value for the item is reached.


    Item level and slot
    It’s important to note that the item level and item slot are crucial. You cannot disenchant an ilvl 61 pants and apply it’s MF fraction to an ilvl 62 pants. Neither downwards.
    Similarly, You can’t apply a shoulder’s MF fraction to a boots item slot either, even if they would be of similar ilvl.

    Jeweler’s MF Pools
    You don’t have to immediately enchant. The Jeweler stores the MF fractions in “pools” of MF that are available to you to apply to gear. These pools would be based on item level and slot. To make the number of pools manageable, the system could kick in at a minimum item level of 55.

    • Anyone can do it to their own degree because it just requires gold investments.
    • MF items (used for disenchanting) will become more valuable.
    • Main gear will gain MF over time and raise in value accordingly, opening up a new market of “great-in-slot + MF” gear goodness.
    • A great feeling of having main gear on, with significant MF that you worked for.
    • Opens up a whole new thing "to do" in the game.
    • Let's you increase the value of an item significantly, giving you potential much higher AH value to sell.
    • Significant development time needed by Blizzard because it requires a User Interface, and quite some programming and testing.
    • It doesn't necessarily get rid of gear swapping, especially not at the beginning while people are still building up MF on their main gear.
    • You guys probably have some concerns I didn’t think of :)
    Please leave feedback on this idea and give it some reputation if you feel it deserves it. Try to add to this discussion in a constructive way. Thanks!
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