My solution on MF.

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    Firstly, they need to remove MF from all gear. Let's face it, gear swapping is stupid, never did it in D2 because you could run with decent gear with awesome MF.

    Secondly, they need to implement the Enchantress Crafter.back into the game. Gear would have property "slots" with limits of enchants on them.

    Thirdly, they need to add compelling enchants while removing some of them from gear or just giving increases with a soft cap on stats. Ex : If a helmet has 9% Life, instead of 4-5% add 1-2%

    As for MF, it would be tiered 5-10-15-20... to 40, with specific restricts on items.

    That's what i think they should do. You don't gear swap anymore and you got decent gear to go by.
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