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    1) Is having five stacks of Nephalem Valor better than having high MF gear in terms of drops?

    2) Does having Nephalem Valor have any other special effects besides raising MF/GF?

    3) Does anyone know the cut offs of MF for each type of drop? ie. >100 for rares to drop, >250 for set items to drop, etc.

    I ask because there are certain places I can run super quickly, vs. those that take forever.
    Running a certain checkpoint to kill 3 champs with full MF gear (10 minutes)
    Running a full quest (Butcher) with no MF gear but getting 5 stacks (30 minutes)

    I don't see the advantage of running the second scenario at all vs. the first.
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    1 nv is worth uh,,,,,,,,,,,,, i forget how much MF, so one of us has to look it up
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    15% MF and GF.

    Having 5 stacks of NV will guarantee you a rare off an elite mob. Having 75% MF alone will not.

    Having 5 stacks of NV will guarantee you 2 rares off a boss. Having 75% MF alone will not.

    There doesn't seem to be a correlation between MF and having legendaries/sets dropping. They seem to have a flat % chance of dropping. They do or do not. You can't juice it; it seems.

    It does seem that once you hit 250% (buffed or not), you tend to get a lot more yellows off elites. Not sure if there is a hard cut off or not.
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    Cool, that's the kind of answer I was looking for... thanks.
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