question about monks and other things

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    class= Monk

    i have some questions about the monk class

    1. what stat should i go after in the low levels we are talking nearly 10

    2. what weapon type should i wear as a monk 1h or 2h

    3. can i even sell some of the gear on ah/rmah i found in level 1-15 if not when can i start selling things i found

    4.and is it normal that the skeleton king is hard or is my gear just totally horrible i was level 8 nearly 9

    hope some would help i really appreciate it
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    1: damage
    2: depends on what you want to do, play your own style, or use what weapons come to you
    just dont use 1 handed with shields, because real monks dont play that way :P
    3: wait until your a little higher level
    4: he should be somewhat hard
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    anyone else?
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    1. highest damage possible (weapon dps, dexterity, attack speed... All good for +damage)
    2. Monks can use 2x 1handers or 2hands, Use whatever you prefer or whatever has the most weapon damage.
    3. unless its a legendary it prob wont sell for much. hell even if its a good rare it wont sell for much.
    4. He should be at last challenging. It helps to avoid his attacks and kite his skeles.
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