Is crafting Exalted items worth it?

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    Alright what im wondering is crafting exalted items actually worth it. In example a belt 240 armor and +4 random stats. Now the mats for this are easily over 30k and sell super fast on ah. Now can someone tell me if they actually make any money crafting items or did i end up wasting tons of gold lvling up Blacksmithing?
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    The ones with +5 modifiers and up supposedly are, I wouldn't know.
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    and those come from the plans that go for millions and millions (about 20 of them) lol?
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    fine exalted plans are the absolute best to craft for the price.
    I just want a little bit of tenderness :(

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    I have got anything decent from crafting the 5 prop 1h axe...almost always under 600dps.
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    Quote from Aerisot

    fine exalted plans are the absolute best to craft for the price.

    Im talking regular exalted just the recipes you get through lvling bs.
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    I tried crafting fine exalted items. It has been working nice so far for me. What you have to understand is that you cant expect to fing something if you craft 5 items, and especially you can't say its not working while only trying to do some small amount. You would have to craft a hell of a lot more. My experience is the following: out of about 80-100 items I made around 50 Euro and I'm in a plus for about 5 millions, that includes the cost of the PLAN, crafting material and crafting price of the item. Although in the last 20 attempts I got nothing worth more than 50k gold.

    In order to make gold you would have to know the prices for all the stats and sell even the crapy ones. ;)
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    I know one thing - crafting is addictive! Much like gambling in Diablo 2 you always push a bit further than you would've liked :D
    Good thing for me is that I don't buy any mats, I just use what I can disenchant.

    I went for crafting as of yesterday! Nothing yet but I don't actually play as much.

    Soon or later you're bound to get something good. Crafting items level 61 and 62 seems good to me.
    I'm actually hoping for personal upgrades rather than something I can sell :P

    *You think you know me?*
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    i have tried it yesterday. bought plan for gloves (1 mil), mats to craft for additional 300k. crafted 5 gloves. sold one item for 1.7 mil after deduction, few others for 150k. so my investment is back and i can craft more BUT it is pure luck. dont expect anything like that. you might get 5 top items or 50 crappy ones
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    I made perfect rolled shoulders first try (exalted 4 affix), I am still using. Those would be 1M worth.
    I tried 10 or 15 helms (exalted grand 6 affix) and they all are crap, salvaged or sold back to npc already.
    (perhaps sold one or two for 50k but that's all)
    I tried too 8 exalted grand swords (paid 2.8M for the plan + 8x 120k golds) ... for crap only. The best I got was 550dps with stupid bonuses. Had one with pure bonuses (LoH + speed + dext + vita + crit chance + socket) ... but <400 dps, it's just useless for a lv60 weapon (now anything <800 dps won't sell more than like 10k).
    Had been more lucky with gloves (exalted 4 affix): for ~10 tries I got good gloves for myself and sold several for 50 or 250k.
    So it depends. You've got to be lucky. I think you can't have an economic plan with crafting, it can't be profitable if you have to pay for the blueprint + expect specific affixes. Just craft what you can, when you have the money, but don't expect anything: it's like paying for a loot. You could still make money from it, but that's pure luck.
    So. I'm happy with my shoulders. And I'm crafting only because it's part of the game and I like doing everything proposed by the game, but I don't expect (anymore) to do make any money from that .
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