Poll: How much DPS is good for A3 A4 Pony?

Poll: How much DPS is needed to kill A3+ rares fast?

What is the DPS break point for A3 A4 and Ponies?

How much DPS is needed to kill A3+ rares fast? - Single Choice

  • 60,000 damage 0%
  • 55,000 damage 50%
  • 50,000 damage 0%
  • 45,000 damage 50%
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    This poll is mainly for Wizards. How much DPS is needed to kill Champions/Rares quickly.

    (Not kite for 10 minutes).

    Yes, I know you can kill A3 + with low DPS, but I want to know what exactly is the threshold? 50k? 55k? 60k?

    I currently have weird build:

    42,000 damage (with force weapon) no spark flint

    Venom Hydra
    Crystal Shell Diamond Skin
    Force Armor
    Force Weapon

    Ray of frost Cold Blood (12 Arcane power RoF)
    Blizzard Snow bound

    Glass Cannon
    Astral Presence
    Cold Blooded

    2002 Intelligence
    1.71 Attack Speed
    18.5 Critical Hit Chance
    100 Critical Hit Damage

    35,346 Health
    100 Arcane Power
    180-220 Resistances (37-42% Reduce)
    3954 Armor (56% Reduce)

    779 DPS rare Dagger
    320-720 Damage
    50% Crit Damage
    145 Intel
    130 Vit
    230-512 Poison Damage (Anyone know if this adds on to spell damage? or is this just for melee?)
    +22 minimum damage

    100-369 damage
    61 int
    47 vit

    Any advice you guys can give me? I can kill easy A3 rares but the harder ones take forever... should I just buy a sword with 1159dps (no stats)? How much damage would that give?
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