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    I laughed hard when he said that d2 had endgame besides farming items. Really?

    Then he goes on to say that d3 pvp will not be fun because of oneshotting, then saying d2 pvp was good. Oneshotting is ALL that d2 was about, and it was all because of gear. Adding that wow is not about gear. I dont know...I think he knows alot less than he thinks he does.

    Yes, he got some decent ideas, but seriously need to think before he speaks.

    Agreed. He had some decent ideas, otherwise he was just blowing smoke out of his ass.

    D2 Endgame...I'm sorry what?
    D2 was all about one shotting. I died ALOT in those days.
    WoW is not about gear? Wait a second....

    Yeah he was blowing smoke out of his ass. I think he went on a tangent and just pulled out whatever he could to emphasize his point just because he has a...fanbase.
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