Hidden %life bonus cap!

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    1.) I realize my %life bonus is retarded. It fell in my lap, I didn't pay for it.

    2.) There appears to be a %life max bonus cap.

    3.) Leaving for work, made thread real fast. Interested in any thoughts. Will get back to you in ~6 hours.

    4.) I discovered this while trying to do the math to figure out how much VIT I should shoot for when dropping certain pieces that have both VIT and %life on them, I have 4 pieces giving %life and VIT both.

    -4721 is base wiz hp
    -595 vit
    -52% bonus life

    No buffs, no follower, standing in town.

    HP = (4721 + (595 * 35))(1.52)

    (4,721 + 20,825)(1.52) = 38,829

    Current HP = 32,074

    Can anyone explain this?
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    you got 127 base vit calculated already in the 4721hp

    so 4721+ (595-127)*35=21101

    here we are no cap on % hp
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    hmm interesting i have 8k less hp then i should have using ur math .. maybe we r missing somthing

    you got 127 base vit calculated already in the 4721hp

    i knew we were missing something xd
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    I have:

    1311 vit
    29% life bonus

    59548 HP

    figure that out.
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    same maths really

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