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    Hey guys! My name is Sande and I am a member in TeamMadDawg, a small hardcore team in Diablo3. We have just started streaming and would appriciate all of you to check out the stream and maybe subscribe, just to support us and help us grow, since we need subscribers to get more viewers, we would totaly appriciate if you checked it out!

    We are right now 5 players in TeamMadDawg which includes me.

    TeamMadDawg have right now lvl 49+ characters including a Barb (Me), Monk (Danny), Demon Hunter (Weste) and a Wichdoctor (Jonte).

    The team has allready suffered 5-7 deaths, and all of them after 10H of playing, at level 30+ ;)

    Hope we will see some of you at the stream!

    Happy Gaming /TeamMadDawg
    Team MadDawg - DiabloIII Hardcore Stream
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