Highest possible crit chance?

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanting to know what the highest possible critical hit chance we can possibly have on a character (before taking into account passive/active skill buffs). I'm playing as a Barbarian and have around 45% crit chance before any buffs. I have 7.5% on my off hand (shield), 1 and 1.5% on my rings, around 6 on my helmet and gloves, and I think 2 on my amulet.

    Using a Mace with Weapons Master and the Critical Hit passives, I have around 45% crit chance and +196% crit damage, but I'm just wondering what the maximum is.

    Needless to say, the items I want for my build are going to be either very expensive or very tough to find. My ideal ring, for example, would be a rare rings with maximum +crit chance, maximum +crit damage, +strength, +vitality and +Attack Speed/Resist All.

    But, just out of curiosity, what's the maximum critical hit chance a player can achieve only through gear?
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    Gloves - 10%
    OH - 8.5%/ Shield - 10%
    Amulet - 8%
    Rings - 4.5% each
    Helm - 6%
    Bracers - 6%
    Legs - 1%
    Cloak(DH) - 1%

    Total: Between 49.5 and 52.5 depending on class and OH.
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    Awesome. Great to hear. With the 2 Barbarian passives and Battle Rage I'm looking at 68% crit chance, potentially coupling that with Wrath of the Beserker for 78% crit chance and a build to spend fury/gain fury to keep WotB active indefinitely :Thumbs Up:

    (I'll probably fail with it, but it will be fun to experiment)
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    Note that crit chance caps at 75%, as far as I am aware. I cannot provide you a source, though, as I am unable to find it.

    Also, there is a build flying around, which uses Sprint with Tornados and Whirlwind, as well as Battle Rage with Fury generation on Crit, which is quite capable of keeping up WotB constantly, if there is a sufficient amount of mobs around.
    A buddy of mine uses this in Inferno act 1+2 with pretty mediocre gear (no AH, so mostly lvl 60 and 61 items), and it works amazingly well. He has about 30% crit chance, almost none from equipment.

    this one
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