On farming in 1.0.3

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    Hey, guys?

    ...I think we're doing it wrong.

    I was farming Act 1 as usual in public play, doing Warden/Butcher runs, and starting to get a little frustrated by the quantity and quality of drops. Then I joined a game that had just completed the Skeleton King and was just wandering around doing all the events and side dungeons, and between the elites and champ packs we were seeing tons of yellows drop once we hit 5 NV (Resplendent Chest drops were awful, though). It's almost as if they nerfed the spawn rates in boss dungeons, but not side ones.

    This, though, is based off of an extensive sample size of one play session. :P

    Is anyone else seeing something similar? Or was this just a single fluky session?
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    They haven't nerfed champion/elite spawn rate it's just pointless farmign bosses only now
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    Bosses used to have 2 guaranteed yellows and elites 0 with 5xNV.
    Now its 1 from boss and 1 from elites.

    In general you should get more yellows now and are more free to just clear some instances or do quest or simply a whole act, rather than restarting bosses.

    About chests: MF doesn't work on those anymore.
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