AH Bid offs needs fixing for biasing reasons

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    Dear blizzard/players, i wanted to bring up an issue ive had about 5 or so times(im sure others have the same issue at some points using the auction house. please vote this up if you agree.

    The situation: So, there is a 400k bid on an item you really want, lets say you only have 700k to play with.
    its coming down to the last 5 mins before the auction ends, someone else starts bidding on the same item as you, you sit there waiting till the last minute to bid that 413k to win the bid, ow wait insufficient funds!? wait a second while I click my completed auctions tab click send 400k back to my stash, click back to auctions, hit bid, "error completing transaction" no way... 2 seconds later the system refeshes, item auction has expired.
    I am calling this biased, because if someone has 2mil to play with, they can click bid everytime the bidding has refreshed and not miss the auction worrying about switching tabs and hitting the send money to stash button.

    ideas on how to fix, when your out bidded on an auction, or sell and item on the auction house, the gold automatically sends itself to your stash and inplace of having a send button to stash there is a notification telling you that that money has gone into your stash and pressing the button dismisses the notification.

    hope this topic will get fixed as i have lost quiet a few items which were cheap and would have helped me progress easier through my inferno grinding.
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    You do know there is automatic bidding ?
    Lets say you want to bid on a item for 400k, but think the item is worth it up to 600k.
    So instead of bidding 400k you make a bid of 600k.
    As this is not wow... you wont bid 600k... you bid 400k and if auction ends that way you get your 200k back with the item.
    But if anyone outbids you the system will bid for you up to your max bid of 600k.
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    uuuhhh... there's auto bidding? I didn't know that! I was buyout-ing (?) all the time...

    note to self: pay more attention next time :P

    Thanks ScyberDragon!!! you're awesome!!:D:D
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    the real problem with bidding is a real serious bug which blizzard failed to fixed after a month. which is u bid an item,got outbid, and after that u wont get your gold back ever.ofc this doesnt happen many times,but happened to me and im afraid of using bidding cuz of this....
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    Righhhttt, heard of auto bidding but had no idea how it worked, so thank you for that, but i still think that gold should auto into your stash and you receive a notification.
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    I don't say i don't agree with you, but there are ways to protect your bid.
    And I see the reason for it happening as the AH stands. Maybe the log could show the amount returned and you would not need to get a "mail" with it.
    The log could be alot better, item links would help, saying a item did not sell and not reporting the price I tried to sell is another.
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    and dont get me started on number of filters, im sure numerous people have already expressed their opinions about this, but there needs to be AT LEAST 5 in total, plus buyout filter...
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    well, shouldn't be too hard to automatically put the gold into your stash, works with the rmah ...
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