Repair cost sucks but

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    If you really care about how much your spending on repair cost get an indestructable item set. I'm payin about 20k to 30k repair bill if i repair after i die but if i wait tell I finish the blue team it drops to about 9k instead. I have died three times in a row. I die so i can lower the health lvl of the the blues for my party members can finish and get better items hopefully. I think if blizzard every makes ilvl 64 items to make them pure legendary and indestructable every time. It would be end game reward to never have to pay a repair bill again if you get a full set of items with them.
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    ... or just slap on some GF and rip through ActIII. Honestly, it's not like gold is hard to come by... but if you're struggling in inferno, you'll probably need to take a gold-farming break every now and then (assuming the loot-gods are picking on you).
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    I don't get why ppl are saying the repair bills are so expensive and bla bla bla. I'm still making money even if i die. I must be playing wrongly
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