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    I've been thinking about the Arena thing today and I thought it could be a really fun deal for there to be a PvM Arena. Hear me out.

    D3 players love to talk about elite pack affix combos. Elite packs can, sometimes, be ridiculously hard to beat without dying. This can be a source of frustration when you're just trying to farm gear, but in other situations it could be a source of fun and excitement. So what if an Arena existed where players could pit themselves against disgustingly hard elite packs for a chance at gold if you win?

    A system could exist for "Arena Challenges" to either be randomly or player generated. Once the Arena Challenge is generated, players can see what kind of champ pack(s) they will be up against, how much gold they could win and how much gold they must put down in order to enter the Arena. If you die, you lose the challenge and the gold you put down. If you win, without dying, you earn gold depending on the difficulty of the champs. The difficulty of the challenge and how much gold you can win could be determined by how many people have failed to beat the champs. If a lot of people have failed to complete the challenge, thus losing their money-down, six-figure gold winnings could be in order.

    Obviously, care would need to be taken to avoid exploiting this system if the challenges are player generated. Although it would be fun for players to generate the challenges for other players, I think RNG would get the job done just the same, with less possibility for exploitation and with the bigger challenges naturally floating to the top of the challenge list for possible windfall gold winnings.

    This system could work for solo or cooperative play, of course. Solo players could pit themselves against multiple elite packs for higher risk (more gold to enter the challenge) and higher winnings. Groups of players could go up against even more elite packs and test their skills in group play, for possible gold winnings for all players involved.

    I think this would be a great "end game" system that could add a whole new element of replayability for people once they have finished Inferno.

    Again, elite pack affix combos can be extremely hard to beat, as we all know, and it seems to me that even the most ridiculously geared people will find challenges in such a system, and, of course, with such a challenge comes opportunity for great profit.

    Thoughts, comments?
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    and there should be an infernopack of 4 diablos, each with arcane, jailer, invulnerable and vortex. that'd be really fun.
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    Sounds a great thought-out idea, sadly, I doubt Blizzard will ever do something like this.
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    Quote from constipationnow

    and there should be an infernopack of 4 diablos, each with arcane, jailer, invulnerable and vortex. that'd be really fun.

    4 diablos.

    If you beat that one you win cake.
    Barbarian - Garland#1315
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    This is an awesome idea.. but yeah, chance of implementation is pretty low. They're quite thorough about testing and balancing (even if ineffectual).. so even if they choose to do it, we're talkin over a year from now.
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    imo they should have this arena thing with many different modes.

    one mode can be survival, where endless stream of zombies n scary stuff attack you. it should be really really dark (darker than diablo 2 caves) and the light radius around each character is very small, so you dont see whats coming, and its harder to kite. and then there's a highscore list of how long u managed to survive. that'd rock.... buuuut that will never happen, since todays game developers lack fantasy.
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    I want to piggyback off of your idea and suggest an ever-increasing difficulty for these waves... each wave gets a new, random affix. Maybe your first wave is just fast. Next wave is fast and plagued, then fast, plagued, and arcane... until your final wave has all 20 affixes (or whatever it is).

    I really hope that Blizz has more ideas for Arena than just WoW with isometric graphics. If they don't then I'm going to have to finally cave in to my realist side that says Blizz has lost that special touch that made their games worthwhile.
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