What the f*** is that glitch?!

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    Today I played in Hardcore and clicked an item named [Diablo's Claw] in the trade chat and instantly got D/C'ed... What does that mean? o___o
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    Pink Links = FakeItems ...don't click them!
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    Its not just pink they were 2 yellow items linked yesterday that got a friend of mine dc'd as well.
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    Script to item links was... reverse engineered I guess? So you can do any colour, name and stats. DC means just that there is no item like that in database and client derps 6_9. I wouldn't worry about it, it's same with WoW before when you tried to link item that didn't drop at all on server yet.
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    Yeah people push those item links out. I saw one the other day for a 2handed sword. Clicked it and didn't disconnect but the sword that came up was something way too powerful to be in the game. Something like 15000 dps.
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