Unkillable (not invincible) trash mobs

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    So, me and a couple of friends were just hanging in teamspeak, all minding our own business, when one guy said he had invincible trash mobs on Act 3 Inferno.
    Of course we didn't believe him at first, but we were soon convinced otherwise.
    We all joined and had our try and the only one doing damage to them was apparently the monk (but very little). Nonetheless we only managed to drop them to 1hp each at which point they became invincible.

    Here's the video:
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    I encountered a similar enemy on normal @ release day. Recorded a video and reported to blizz

    As you can see, I could not damage it whatsoever, however environmental objects dealt damage to it. They could only bring it down to 0 hp, though, it would remain alive.
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    I remember seeing a video about a week ago in which someone would get large-hitbox mobs stuck on a staircase, and farm the mobs behind them that couldn't get past with complete impunity. Then, when this invincible-mob bug happened to me recently, I figured it was a stealth nerf to prevent killing something that was stuck on pathing, since that's the only time it's happened to me.
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    Had this happen a couple of times too. Both times in the sewer areas in A2 though.

    I've also had those vultures bug out so that they they could attack us but we couldn't attack them, as if they were stuck between flying AI (out of combat) and landed AI (in combat).
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    Ohh act 3 u so silly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk2mT5hRNT8&feature=plcp this happened to me on Act 3 that place aswell, tho another bug
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