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    I've started doing some farming runs, so I started grabbing some MF gear to swap in right before the mob died. I found it really annoying to have to right click all the gear, so I decided to make a script to do it using AutoIt3. I'm not even sure I'll use the program, but it's been fun to write, regardless.

    I'm mostly done, a couple features to add and it'll be complete. I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's possible I'll get banned for this program. It doesn't automate gameplay or alter gameplay. All it does is right click gear faster than I can do with my hand (and without messing up), so that I don't waste time near the end of a boss/champion.

    Even if it is risky, would people still be interested in this program, regardless?
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    Doubt it would get picked up by security but you never know. I would love to try it myself tho :)
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    Even though highly unlikely, this is 'bannable'. In other words, it's against the ToS.

    However, if you do the exact same thing using your mouse/keyboard drivers (razer, SS, logitech) to make macros, it becomes 'legal'.

    It's ridiculous, I know, but that's how it works, this discussion has been held countless times on WoW forums.
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    i would be interested in this... really hate blizzard for not applying 2 sets of weapons, or not implementing macro's in game..
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    I'd also like to know about this.
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    I wouldn't get your hopes up, it's not intended to gear swap at all. The lack of weapon swap from D2:LoD was reasoned that it was used for people to switch to their mf weapon (posted by some blue quite while ago). And that is single slot, not to mention this change makes mf value on dps gear extremely weak since you won't utilize it past trash mobs/barrels. I don't doubt Blizz will make some sort of cooldown on items to prevent that once swapping becomes too popular (stats not working for x seconds?). I would really love for somepony to get direct answer from Blizz on their thoughts on this matter.

    For the macro itself, I doubt Blizz would like them. If you allow fast swap, you can go further, and have, for example, Demon Hunter spamming high cost high damage nukes with powerful slow x-bow, then switch instantly to fast double hand crossbows when you want to regain hatred. They may add healing globe bonus to health pots, which would make people use macros to swap to glob set -> gulp -> switch back.

    There is a reason they aren't allowing addons.

    For the WoW thingy, what I heard, if macro in your device can do more things than you can make with in-game macro system (like making castsequence macro that will keep going past skills that are on cooldown/not enough resources allowing to make 1 button rotation), it will get you banned. The famous WoW mouse users were banned for using it because its macros were going over what you are allowed to automize.
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