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    I'm not quite sure if this kind of thread has been started yet and i'd be lying if i said i decided to look it up so i'll just throw it out there again if it's already been brought up.

    As im playing in Inferno mode right now with my monk; I'm currently determined to beat The Butcher in Act 1 without the help of friends that are better geared or Monk builds that can be found online. I'm actually having a lot of fun trying out different builds and combinations and going back in to try again.

    The only thing that is currently bugging me right now is that once I switch around skills and armors for new combinations, the only way to test the waters to to speak to to battle him again (and die). Now its completely expected for this to happen especially in a game like Diablo, but when dealing with abilities that can increase your dmg by x% or more specifically in my current situation when your dealing with a Dodge build that has its own form of diminishing returns (the more dodge amplifiers you have from abilities, the smaller the return is to your actual dodge %) it would be amazing if there was some kind of in game battle dummy system (similar to the ones in WoW) that don't die or attck you back that can allow you to see your own dmg number or in my case not have to open the details menu mid battle.

    I remember reading a blue post saying that blizz is going to implement a more detailed stat page when you mouse-over Defence on your charater page but that again, in battle, can prove deadly.

    What are your thoughts / opinions on this?
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    Repairs cost little to nothing compared to how much you make in a given 30 minutes of playtime. No reason to not see if your build to beat a boss is effective by fighting anything other than that boss. The difference in reset time between a boss in WoW and a boss in Diablo is crazy with little to no restrictions minus a res timer and maybe a minute for CDs. I remember my first evening of Inferno Butcher where our group would do a pull within 20 seconds of wiping the last time. Took a few hours to hammer out the exact gear/talent builds to max dps vs survival and then it was over. I can't imagine how a test dummy would help more than the actual boss.
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    Using a boss was just a setting to for my actual point... its not so much about a particular boss battel its about seeing your actual stats while in combat... I.e, how much dodge you'll have once you've activated all your skills or how much damage a specific attack does with diffrent combinations of gear.

    Some people arent theorycrafters but are still interested in the exact limit of their stats whilst in combat. Give it a try though.. In Inferno, open your charater detail list and try to see how much your stats have changed by when activating an ability that lasts 2 seconds without dying or seeing the stat before it decipates.
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    This is the build I used to kill Inferno butcher as a monk.!ZdW!ZYYcaa

    Requires duel wielding of course, Whenever he is about to smash down or charge you, either serenity or cyclone strike for the extra dodge, he hardly was able to touch me.

    And on the off-chance he does hit you and you survive, use serenity for the heal and run to a health pool.
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