Pre-Inferno farming

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to find out where people farmed before Inferno. I guess that going from Nightmare to Hell you don't need to farm anything.

    Is there a need to farm before going into Act I Inferno? Or is it viable to go in if my DPS is above some threshold value - if so, what is it please?

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    I... didn't. Never hit a wall before inferno. When I hit 60 I bought a ~950dps weapon for 75k (and a couple other pieces, nothing crazy though, spent about 250k) and did fine in inferno act I. Act II, well... that's a different story, but I've been farming Act I.
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    I did farm Hell Act 3 Azmodan with full magic find for Azmodan but I don't think it's really necessary if you buy some gear from the AH. Buying a decent weapon (close to or above 1000 dps for a 2hander) makes most of act 1 inferno easy enough.
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