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Legendary Drop Rates

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    I was getting a legendary or two a day from resplendent chests with 300+ mf pre-nerf. Didn't bother with monsters...
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    196+ Hours

    4,250,555 Gold

    51,958 Total kills

    3,382 Elite kills


    Legendary Spear: Arreat's Law (Act 1 Normal Weapon Rack)

    Legendary WD Mojo: Gazing demise (Act 2 Normal Sun Bleached Corpse)

    Legendary 2H Sword:The Sultan Of Blinding Sand (Act 2 Inferno Gobbo)

    Set 2H Mace: Immortal King's Stone Crusher (Act 2 Inferno bone plie)

    Dont have a MF set,currently at 11%MF while farming Gobbos
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    Elites: 7'018
    Total: 157'285
    Legendaries: 4
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    Lifetime Kills: 45,016
    Elite Kills: 1908
    Legendary items: 2 (both from non-elites - MF = 165%).
    Set items: 2 (both from non-elites - MF = 165%).

    Edit: forgot my magic find.
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    Recently I've been getting atleast 1 legendary a day from farming Act 3 and Pony lvl, but I only find shit weapons, shit set pieces, shit blacksmith plans. Nothing worth using, nothing valuable.
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    I've had 4 legendaries drop, But only 1 was from a mob (an elite), the other 3 were from barrels/vases.
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    2909 elite kills
    64035 lifetime kills
    3 legendaries

    Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac - White mob in act 2 hell
    Ambo's Pride from Siegebreaker in nightmare
    Andariel's Visage from a unique elite in act 1 inferno
    4 brimstones from disenchanting blues
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    Despite all my kills, got my best legendary "Andariel's Visage" by clicking on a corpse in Act 1 inferno, sold for 5 millions.
    The quest is "Sword of the Stranger -> Khazra Den, there are 2 caves in those fields, one is the Khazra Den that follows your quest.
    The other is the one I'm talking about: In front of its entrance there is always a corpse that works like any chest, your char starts to chat wondering how that man has died and a pack of toads will come when you click it, I've found my legendary on it.

    I don't know if Bosses have more chances to drop legendaries, 3 out of 4 for me didn't come from an elite mob, I had no NV buff nor Magic Find on me.
    In my opinion there is an odd system to drop legendaries, because expecially bosses who have 2 guaranteed rares with 5 stacks NV, should have like x10 times more chances to drop than any mob or chest, and despite what the devs say, it does work like D2 for rares, but in a different way for Legendaries and bosses.
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    lifetime kills: 96779
    elite kills:5070
    ~~20 legendarys (2 frome siegeboss 1 jondar 1 spider boss act1) around 8 from elite packs, rest random drops
    367 mf with 5 buffs
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    Lifetime kills: 131,120
    Elite kills: 6669
    9 Legendaries (out of which, two were set items)
    ~50 MF without NV buff
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    Lifetime Kills: 86.759
    Elite Kills: 3.533
    1 Legendary (Normal Difficulty Whimsyshire from a Happy Cloud)

    Many thanks to Caniroth for the awesome sig!
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    Lifetime Kills: 121,056
    Gold: 7,020,423
    Elite Kills: 4722
    11 Legendaries dropped
    None from Elite packs, half came from chest/goblin and others from normal.
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    66621 // 3584

    got about 5 legendaries: 2x same crap axe messershmit or something, talrash chest, and that tyrael sword worth like 19k :P mainly drop from dead bodies
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    160+ hours played.
    Lifetime kills: 104k
    Elite kills: 4158
    Gold Collected: 4mio
    2 Characters on Inferno (Act 2 and Act 3)

    0 legendarys, 0 plans.
    Buff my RNG please :(
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    160+ hours played, spread over 3 characters. Most on monk (110ish hours), cleared act 2 inferno.

    Lifetime kills: 75k
    Elite kills: 3.5k
    Gold collected: 5.5mil
    Legendaries: 9
    Plans: 4 (all bad 4 aff blacksmith rare plans from act 1 inferno)

    I had 2 legendaries drop while leveling - junk lvl 25 axe and an amazing amulet (at work now so don't know the name). It has 7% movement speed and 90ish intellect, and I belive item lvl is 30ish. My lvl 60 wizz still has it equipped.

    In preparation for 1.0.3 I started running Butcher with 210% mf unbuffed (285% with NV). Since then (~20 runs) I had 7 legendaries drop. All junk except a decent roll on String of Ears.
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    Total Kills: 98,330
    Elite Kills: 4,002

    All found in Inferno.

    Depth Diggers - Whimsyshire - Cloud
    Ageless Might - Whimsyshire - Cloud
    Nailbiter - Whimsyshire - Normal Mob
    Band of Fallen Heroes - Halls of Agony - Goblin
    Gladiator's Gauntlets - Cursed Hold - Barrel or Normal Mob
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    These mats are fail because most legendary and set item drop in inferno or a4 hell . The total of elite count all elite including normal , nm , hell .

    Since ive hit 60 i have found around 6 legendary and friends in my game have found many too . Anyway most legendary are garbage atm .
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    Lifetime Kills: 124,654
    Elite kills: 6675
    Gold Collected: 7,430,300

    Legendaries: 2 (both from elites)
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    Lifetime Kills: 109,808
    Elite kills: 6000
    Gold Collected: 6,579,078
    Legendaries: 0
    :QQ: :QQ: :QQ:

    And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell. Ten fathoms deep on the road to hell...
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    I've had bad luck with drops in general, but I'll still contribute my stats for the greater good!

    Lifetime Kills - 146,690
    Elite Kills - 6078
    Legendaries Dropped - 3
    (Centurion first, from Hell Halls of Agony Lvl 1 Nightmare norm mob, (terrible stats), Cindercoat second from Arreat Crater Hell norm mob, dreadful stats and useless, Magefist recently from Halls of Agony Lvl 1 again, Norm, with useless stats and from a normal mob).

    Total time played of 221 hours across 5 chars. One of each class; Barb 60, Act II Inferno Kulle kill current quest, DH Act II Inferno just started, Monk 58 Act III Hell Siegebreaker down, Wiz 53 Act I Hell Leoric's Manor, WD, Act II NM just started). So far only 2 rare dropped worth keeping and both from Inferno, one Barb and one DH, and both with zero MF on gear and no NV buff..
    "It takes a man with real make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep." - Clive Barker
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