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Legendary Drop Rates

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    Stats updated up to ScyberDragon
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    3 Legendary Items:

    Uskang: Normal, Act 1; a mob in the jail


    Hammer Jammers: Nightmare Act 3: Elite Mob while raising the catapults

    Blackguard: Hell Act 1: Inside one of the vault chests while searching for the crown


    Seeing as you can find them anywhere, I wouln't base the numbers off of the total kills.
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    Adding to the statistics:

    Elite kills: 6354
    Lifetime kills: 177640

    Legendary drops: 4

    Wormwood - staff. Act 1 Inferno, random mob during Butcher run.
    Kymbo's Gold - Amulet. Act 1 inferno, random mob during Butcher run.
    Moon Slayer - Ceremonial Knife. Act 3 Normal, random mob in core of arreat
    Boneshatter - 2handed mace. Act 2 normal. elite pack in some sewers.
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    1 legendary somewhere in 3. act normal.
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    102,907 lifetime kills

    4229 elites killed.

    6 legendary's

    Level 27 hearth of iron off a normal mob in ACT 1 normal

    level 33 wrath of the boneking off a normal mob act 1 nightmare

    level 55 Maloth's Focus off a Rare pack in ACT 3 Hell on the top of the keep

    Level 60 Skorn Got it off a replesent chest in ACT 1 inferno

    Level 60 gladiator gloves, got them off a normal mob in ACT 1 inferno

    Level 60 Tzo krin's Gaze off a champion pack in ACT 1

    EDIT note got the 6th legendary after i wrote this lol
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    Am I the only one who thinks that without MF values, this statistic is not reliable?
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    4974 Elite kills

    111987 Lifetime Kills

    I'm trying to remember how many legendaries I got, it's 7 or 8 in total, plus one legendary recipy. So 8 or 9 I guess.

    All of them were from random normal mobs, I think. I really can't remember exactly where I got what, there's been too many.

    Also, my MF has always been very low. With 99% of my legendary drops, I've had less than 40 base magic find.

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    Third edit: got another legendary just now, this was off a treasure goblin in act 1.
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    1890 elite kills
    43119 normal kills

    2 legendaries
    Lut socks, 2nd act normal from elite
    Skullgrasp, 2nd act inferno from elite

    All in last two days :P.
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    5040 elite kills=2 Nailbiters (pony land hell and act3 inferno)( also got a tal rasha chestpiece from Skeleton king inferno )

    74341 kills=a sledgefist somewhere in nightmare

    a anderial's visage from a happy cloud hell
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    104,869 lifetime kills
    5,584 elites
    4 legendaries, no legendary recipes, no sets. Usually no mf, however, sometimes there might be NV stacks involved.

    However, I didn't go into hardcore farming mode, I like to replay the game from start again. I have 3 60's already, so a huge amount of these kills is from earlier difficulties.
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    52,500 Lifetime kills
    3172 Elite kills

    8 Legendarys, 4 of them from the weapon racks at the Great span in act4 Inferno, 1 from treasure goblin in act2 Inferno, 1 from a skeleton sitting in a chair before Butcher in Inferno, 1 from a random mob in act 3 Nightmare and the last I cant remember but it was during leveling.
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    33,831 Lifetime kills
    1692 Elite kills

    Heart of Iron
    Gladiator Gloves
    Heart of Iron ( another one )
    A neck that I don't remember the name of.

    so, 7 Legendaries
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    1824 Elite Kills
    41180 Total Kills

    0 Legendaries. 0 Set items. 0 Blacksmithing plans (besides Staff of Herding).


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    2595 elite kills
    37,198 mobs killed

    0 legendary or set items.
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    Normal: 55451
    Elite: 3049
    0 uniques
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    36,404 kills
    2,816 Elite kills

    3 legendaries. 2 from weapon racks, 1 from a pack of elites.
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    2500 elite
    60k normal kills

    130 hours,
    ZERO plans, ZERO legendaries, ZERO set
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    Got many legendary drops. I focus on other gear tho, legendaries aren't my goal for now :P
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    I've had a total of 10 legendaries drop for me. I will list all my stats so that you may check them (I tend to be abnormally lucky):

    3631 Elite Kills
    78006 Lifetime Kills

    Drops ( in no particular order ):
    Won Khim Lau [60]- Source: Weapon Rack @ Griswold at The Old Ruins - Inferno
    String of Ears [52]- Source: Purple Named Mob from Halls of Agony Event - Inferno
    Lidless Wall [55]- Source: Treasure Goblin - Dark Cellar at the Old Ruins - Inferno
    Angel Hair Braid [56]- Source: Halls of Agony Elite - Inferno
    The Three Hundreth Spear [55]- Source: Treasure Goblin - Dark Cellar at the Old Ruins - Inferno
    Giant Skull [52]- Source: Normal Wasp at Act 2 at the Howling Plateau - Inferno
    The Broken Staff [46]- Source: Whimsyshire Normal Pony - Nightmare
    Spectrum [30]- Source: Whimsyshire ( duh! ) Normal Pony - Nightmare
    Cluckeye [51]- Source: Normal Cultist at the Halls of Agony - Inferno
    Ivory Tower [60]- Source: Elite Khazra just before Leoric's Manor - Inferno

    Stats given :)
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    So i have an idea for equipment...

    So the biggest problem i have with legendary equipment is how hard it is to find and the life span of it... I understand the reasons for this and i'm not here to wine about it (a lot of Blizzard's designee chooses make sense).

    So i find an really cool looking legendary that drops for me for the first time on act 2 nightmare (OMG shiny Legendary) and i identify it...

    A. It doesn't have the stats i need or anyone needs and gets trashed...
    B. Its does have the stats i need and i will out level it quickly making it not that much of a awesome find. (at act 2 NM i will level pretty quickly and find better equipment soon.)

    This makes finding legendarys not have that special feeling that i feel they should (my opinion... take it for what it is worth..)

    So, after i am done with the legendary ill just sell it on the AH for low gold because its really not worth anything or trash it...

    Now another problem i see is: Blizzard wants too make it so that not everyone is running around with the same gear end game and looking the same (and everyone trying to find the same "piece" of equipment)... As it is right now (even with legendarys under-powered) people still will.

    Why? Because the best items are iLVL 63 rares. So if a person grinned and maxed out their character with the best of the best it would have to be perfectly rolled iLVL 63 rares. (which is the last tier of equipment). At that point the most devoted people would all start looking the same (same with issue uniques in D2).

    Now my proposed fix to this... Make a secondary equipment tab that you could equip items to... Now this second equipment tab would not add the stats from items you put there but what you have in your second equipment tab would show on your character. So you could have that cool looking iLVL 23 legendary be showing on your character but really have an iLVL 63 on your main equipment page that you are getting your stats from. This fixes all the issues that i mentioned above :)

    Now another things this helps out with is a Gold sink.

    Why? Because legendarys wouldn't get trashed so easily. High end players with extra gold may want to buy that low end legendary because it would fit with the look they are going for. Also you could make it cost gold to unlock each slot in your secondary equipment tab (more gold sinks in the game the more gold is worth and the more it will sell on the RMAH, we all win YAY!)

    Also i know the developers want people to revisit the content more... Why would a lvl 60 want to play normal again? Well if they added the secondary equipment area maybe a lvl 60 character would want to farm act 2 mormal with 5 stacks of NV to get for the look of his/her character (not sure if that really drops act 2 or not, just an example). So more exploring the world and revisiting content.

    As it is right now, why would someone that can farm act 4 inferno want to farm act 1 inferno? You wont get as good as items... The best items are iLVL 63 rares and they only drop act 4 inferno...

    This would also help with people having something to do end game... keeping more people playing end game and not bored keeps your player base strong (more players, more possible people using the RMAH, more chance for blizzard to make money, we all win again. YAY!)

    But again I'm just a random guy posting and i know blizzard has a LOT more issues that are more important to work on than this but i wanted to throw the idea out and maybe something for expansion (to keep in the back of your guys heads for later when you have time?). Also i'm not sure what the programming challenges would be for this (I'm not a programmer).

    Let me guys know what you guys/girls think and maybe i can get a blue post to respond (fingers crossed)... or maybe my idea is stupid, idk (my friend call me gay when i told him about my idea... i want my character to look "pretty", lol).
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