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Legendary Drop Rates

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    As we all know, Legendary items, formerly Uniques, drop at a much lower rate than they did in Diablo 2.

    I'm really impressed by how rare they are, so I decided to start a thread on the topic so we might find out, roughly, how rare they are.

    Considering how rare Legendary items are, I'd be willing to bet that most people can count on one or two hands how many Legendary items they have actually witnessed drop. Since they are so few, many of you probably remember whether it was an elite or normal mob that dropped it.

    So, here are my statistics...

    I have killed 2,902 Elites and 72, 405 total kills. Assuming Elites are included in total kills, I have killed 69, 503 Normal or white mobs.

    I have witnessed 4 Legendary items drop.

    Unity (ring) - from a normal mob (Somewhere in Nightmare)
    Thundergod's Vigor - from an Elite pack (Hell Act 3)
    Zunimassa's Attunement - normal mob (Inferno Act 1)
    Cindercoat - normal mob (Inferno Act 2)

    So, out of 2902 Elites, 1 has dropped a Legendary

    of 69,503 Normals, 3 have dropped Legendary items

    Obviously, we'll need more people to contribute to get some reliable stats, so if you remember what kind of mobs dropped your Legendary items, click on your character and relay your stats in this thread. Once enough people post their info, we'll have some good stats on our hands.

    Feel free to include any other information about your drops!

    Edit - This is assuming you don't have a significant amount of MF gear on. I never had more than 10 mf or so for all of these drops. Of course, if you did have a lot of MF gear on, you should mention it, but I'd say if you had 20 or less, don't bother. Personally, I don't think MF gear will affect the statistics much unless you're rocking 1k MF or more. Legendary items are so vanishingly rare that you probably need a HUGE multiplier to make any significant difference.

    Elite Legendary drop rate: 1 in 4,536 Elites or 0.022% chance
    Normal Legendary drop rate: 1 in 56,096 Normals or 0.0018% chance

    Interesting stats so far. It appears that elites are about 10x more likely to drop a Legendary than Normals and people are, typically, killing about 20x to 30x more Normals than Elites.

    38% of Legendaries have come from Elites while Elites have accounted for 4.7% of total mobs killed

    62% of Legendaries have come from Normals while Normals have accounted for 95.3% of total mobs killed


    Drops/Elites included in calculation
    Me: 1/2902
    Shiaku: 0/1200
    Urumii: 2/2679
    Alamar: 0/2369
    Bleu42: 1/2759
    Nightmare13: 1/2523
    SFJake: 0/1874
    RMrulz: 0/1993
    xxtheglovexx: 1/1167
    Phatosen: 0/2525
    Dreamion: 0/2616
    TheWaitIsNearlyOver: 0/1167
    GetStupid: 0/3250
    ScyberDragon: 0/3386
    Deja: 1/6354
    Battle: 2/4229
    CrazyYuan: 2/1890
    Kruis: 2/5040
    Shroomz: 0/3172
    Moltres: 0/1824
    DerfOnTurf: 0/2595
    Nihth: 0/3049
    Kashiim: 1/2816
    Derenzy: 0/2500
    Yazla: 3/3631
    Excesso: 0/1818
    Reuggax2: 1/1434
    Reiser: 0/2651
    Antrodax: 0/1846
    Corbarian: 0/4397

    Tally: 18/81,656

    Drops/Normals Included in calculation
    Me: 3/69503
    Shiaku: 1/43800
    Urumii: 1/57803
    Alamar: 0/58083
    Bleu42: 2/59470
    Nightmare13: 0/36137
    SFJake: 0/30152
    RMrulz: 2/31361
    xxtheglovexx: 0/26119
    Phatosen: 1/54959
    Dreamion: 1/52485
    TheWaitIsNearlyOver: 0/18817
    GetStupid: 0/48151
    ScyberDragon: 0/66142
    Deja: 3/171286
    Battle: 3/98678
    CrazyYuan: 0/43119
    Kruis: 1/74341
    Shroomz: 2/49328
    Moltres: 0/39356
    DerfOnTurf: 0/34603
    Nihth: 0/52402
    Kashiim: 0/33,588
    Derenzy: 0/60000
    Yazla: 4/74375
    Excesso: 0/41949
    Reuggax2: 0/25920
    Reiser: 1/52880
    Antrodax: 0/40254
    Corbarian: 4/81737

    Tally: 29/1,626,798

    More stats coming soon!

    Thanks for all of the input so far!
    Barbarian - Garland#1315
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    I've got 45k total kills, only 1 legendary from a normal mob. I believe about 1.2k of the total kills are elite. I've got friends with less kills with more legendary drops and friends with more kills and no legendary drops.
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    Elite Kills - 2,679
    Lifetime Kills - 60,482

    Giant Skull (Helm) - Normal Mob (Hell Act II - Imperial Palace)
    Tal Rasha's Guardianship (Chest) - Barrel (Inferno Act I - Leoric's Manor)
    Blackthornes Medal (Ring) - Elite Mob (Inferno Act I - Watchtower)
    The Tormenter (Staff) - Elite Mob (Inferno Act I - Watchtower)
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    u have to add to that how much MF did u have at that point when it droped :(
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    2,369 Elites, 60,452 Lifetime Kills, No Legs...

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    2759 elite kills
    62,229 lifetime kills.

    3 legendary status drops.

    1st one was with almost zero MF. Act 2 inferno, off a white mob. It was the monk set innas' pants.
    2nd was also with zero MF. Act 2 normal, and off a white mob. Magefist gloves.
    3rd was with minimal (about 12-15%) mf, act 3 inferno, off a champ pack. Legendary polearm, vigilance.

    Hope this helps with stats!
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    92,202 total kills
    2972 elites

    4 legendaries. 1 normal (level 9 monk fist), 1 hell (belt - something of ears? good barbarian thing), 2 inferno (belt and ring). None worth keeping :( Last one was today, actually. Ourmororo - ring or whatever. Sold for 850k on the auction house. Would have kept it, but I bought a "attack speed/magic find" one only hours earlier. Doh.

    I'm currently running inferno with a 136% magic find if I have no NV stacks. Best (other) inferno drop I've had came from a barrel in Act 1. Everything else has been junk.
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    38,660 Lifetime Kills, 2523 Elite Kills

    Only 2 Legendaries:

    Magefist in Act 3 of Normal (Elite Mob)
    Windforce in a Resplendent Chest in Act 2 of Inferno

    I had a 5 stack getting Magefist (was re-running parts of normal to get pieces for the Staff of Herding) and no stacks for the Windforce.
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    32026 kills.
    1874 elites killed.

    0 legendaries.
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    Normal (Total-Elite) kills: 31,361
    Two legendaries: Boneshatter (act 2 normal) and Magefist (act 3 normal)

    Elite kills: 1993
    0 legendaries
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    Updated stats.

    Need more input!
    Barbarian - Garland#1315
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    1167 Elite Kills - 1 Legendary

    26,119 Normal (White) Kills - 0 Legendary
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    2525 Elites killed
    54.959 normals killed

    Lidless wall (55 shield) dropped from a normal mob in Act 3 Hell. Only legendary so far.
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    Lifetime Kills: 55.099
    Elite Kills: 2616
    Legendary Drops: 4 (Goblin, Dead Villager, Urn, Normal mob)
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    1167 rare kills
    19984 total kills

    Legendary Drops: 0

    I can't believe you actually said you're "really impressed" by the rate at which legendaries drop. I didn't know people had so much fun farming for fricking blues and rares.
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    3250 Elite kills
    51,401 Lifetime kills

    Not a single legendary yet.. but 2 of my friends got like 3-4 each in under 24 hours, farming act 4
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    I had 1 legendary drop, at like level 25 or so... was the Magefist gloves.

    And with the pending upgrade to them, I hope I don't see any, cause they will be de-vauled once they all get buffed (since it won't be retroactive).
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    58806 total kills, 2811 elite kills
    8 legendaries and 1 set has dropped (1 in normal, 2 in hell and others in inferno)
    2 of those have been from an elite pack, 4 or 5 have been from random mobs and 2 or 3 from a barrel/chest.
    Since inferno, I have also been stacking MF (currently at 135% without NV) and, judging by everyone else's stats, it has seemed to have made a difference.
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    I can't believe you actually said you're "really impressed" by the rate at which legendaries drop. I didn't know people had so much fun farming for fricking blues and rares.

    By "impressed", I mean to convey shock, not approval. Now that I have seen the power of the auction house, however, I think the rarity is warranted.
    Barbarian - Garland#1315
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    Lifetime: 69,528
    Elite: 3386

    Legendaries: 0


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