Increased attack speed for DPS?

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    Greetings there! :D
    So when i equip lets say for example rings that gives 15% faster attack speed - it shows more damage gain than 60 intelligence for example.

    Does this mean that my spells WILL do more damage each time it hits, or does it simply show more damage coz the system is referring to 'faster' casting spells/min?
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    if it shows more dmage, you do more damage.

    damage per second

    so if the ring makes you attack faster, in that 1 second, that is your damage amount, not per shot
    which means if you shoot 3 projectiles in 1 second, the total combined of those 3 = ur dps
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    really? So i rather wanna lower my damage by removing attack speed and using more intelligence so my spells become stronger (dont care if its fast or slow cast) but for example for kiting if i run run run and cast 1 spell and repeat.. I remove my increased attack speed and use intelligence, i will do more damage EVEN though my 'damage' goes down. Is that correct?
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    Yes, that is correct.
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    No, that is not correct, by attacking faster you do more damage over the same period of time, stop caring only about shiny numbers showing up above monsters... also if you have 0 IAS, you will stop for like a whole half second to place a blizzard or shoot a spell, how can you play like that... you can't kite at all, it's terrible.
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    Well it depends, sure you will have alot of DPS with alot of attack speed " til you run out of your (mana/arcanepower) ".

    So it really depends on which class and specc you have if it is worth it to stack up on alot of attack speed rather than another stat.

    It's however always great to have a little bit of attack speed atleast, like stated in previous posts... " if you have too low attack speed you will have a hard time kiting and such.

    Like on my DH i love really high attack speed with crit and crit damage and high dex.

    The really high attack speed allows me to move more fluently while attacking(kiting).
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    well im over 80% increased attack speed since i have stacked it alot, but if i remove like 30% of it and replace it with intelligence, it states that i lose alot of DAMAGE, and that is why i was wondering if each spell actually does less dmg or not. :/
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    It's like this:

    DPS ("damage" on the character sheet) = (1 + faster_attack_speed) * weapon_speed * average_damage_per_hit * (1 + crit_chance * bonus_damage_percentage_on_crit)

    So increasing your attack speed increases your damage by making you hit more often. It's never a bad thing, though for some builds you're better off with your primary attribute such as if you are often running out of arcane power.
    ...and if you disagree with me, you're probably <insert random ad hominem attack here>.
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    hehe yeh as i thought, thanks xD
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    Here are my questions about attack speed:

    Does it affect "casting speed" of your abilities. Make the animations go quicker so you can go back to running more quickly?

    Does it make DoT's tick quicker (get more ticks in that 3 second timeframe?)

    I want to get more attack speed; but I use a lot of DoTs on my WD, so I'm not sure if it's beneficial or if going for just "damage" is better.
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