[Video] How to solo Diablo Inferno safely with Demon Hunter.

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    Hey there,

    I just recorded a video of my kill of Diablo Inferno /w Demon Hunter. I do think the build & stragegy I used is the safest I've seen until now, just asks for patience and a little bit of time getting used to the mechanisms of the fight.

    Here's a quote of the description, pretty much everything in there.

    Hey guys!

    So I've seen many people beating Diablo Inferno with unsafe builds, praying to the Gods of RNG and hoping, finger crossed, to burn him before anything serious could happen to them. I don't like being unsure.

    I like having builds who kill bosses for sure. So there you go, here's the build / strategy I used to solo Diablo in Inferno difficulty.

    - Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog) : overall must-have, even post-nerf, especially to fight the Clones. Hardest part is to survive the 0.5sec between the Screen fading and the end of the cooldown.
    - Vault (Acrobatics) : You don't need to vault that much, but you need s***loads of Discipline for the 2nd phase, so this rune lets you Vault for free every 15 sec (when Diablo gets too close for example).
    - Preparation (Backup plan): DISC DISC MOAR DISC
    - Rain of Vengeance (Flying Strike): to stun the Clones & Diablo when you get a chance.
    - Hungering Arrow (Devouring Arrow)
    - Elemental Arrow (Nether Tentacles): I wanted to play Impale, but NT hits way easier when you're offscreening, and I got +10% dmg Elemantal Arrow on my quiver.

    PASSIVES: Tactical Advantage, Steady Aim, Archery.

    So now, how do you use this skillset to its safest extent?

    Phase 1: Vault away, stun Diablo, and start kiting offscreen. NEVER, EVER, EVER touch the borders: that's how Diablo teleports on your !@#. If you don't touch the borders, he'll stay afar.

    Phase 2: Ready to smash your keyboard against your face? Ok, so the first clone ALWAYS pops in the bottom right if you don't move. Stun, precast EA, and Smoke Screen as soon as he shoots. Should be enough to down him. Then, count to 5 and vault north. Discover the minimap, then kite Diablo around the top left hole. Way harder to do that in Phase 1, so be ready to use loads of Disc to survive any miss-step.
    CAREFUL: When Diablo gets near 66% and 33%, stop wasting your Discipline and your Vault cooldown, the clone is coming. As soon as Diablo disappears (check the minimap), cast a Stun near where you stand, and be ready to use your best reflexes at Smoke Screen / Vault / EA / HA... I won't lie, it's the hardest part. Once the third clone is dead, you're pretty much golden...
    Phase 3: ...which explains why I'm such a pussy in the 3rd phase on this kill - was the first time I killed the 3rd clone, and I didn't want to screw things up, so I played ultra safe, 'cause my build allowed me to! Exactly the same as Phase 1. No difference. Just your heart pounding.

    GL HF defeating Diablo III guys!

    ~46k DPS (no sharpshooter)
    ~14k HP
    50 Discipline (+10 on quiver, +10 on chest)
    ~2.5k Armor, ~100-150@]

    Music Credits:
    Ahkmed - Kirrae

    The video can be found here: http://www.youtube.c...?v=Y9FkRSTvtJM.

    Please enjoy and give me any feedback, will be greatly appreciated!
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    "~14k HP
    ~2.5k Armor, ~100-150@]"

    Is fucking broken.
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    Did you even watch? :(
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    Great video, seems really safe, gotta try that !

    A bientôt ;)
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    Thanks Gegz! It is actually extremely safe yeah.
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