Got some gold farming tips?((trying to gear for INFERNO))

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    Evening everyone. I'm sure you are too busy to check out the forms here and see my little ole question but here is it anyway.

    I'm realizing I've been really lacking on the gear for inferno (even act 1) for my barb. I can survive most things (except really bad luck with elites like a molten+plagued+arcane+shield), but things take for ever to die. I know my damage is, for lack of a better word, unbelievably low.

    Simple answer is to upgrade my gear I know, but the problem is the gear I need is like millions and even up to 50million or more on some things. Farming for gold is not going so well. I got this set of armor for a wizard that gives me +190%~ (plus NV buff when I get it) that I just blow arc and run the bridge in A3NM. The gold drops not too bad and in 15mins or so I get about 15-20k gold (not counting the drops I don't pick up because it's level 35-45 crap).

    I know the real good gear that will sell like hot cakes on the AH is in inferno in all acts, but I can't farm that well, let alone kill anything in a reasonable amount of time.

    So what are some things I could do to farm gold, or ways to really beef up my barb for solo inferno act1?

    Current barb stats:
    699 Strength
    1134 Vitality
    6545 Armor (buffed with war cry) ((68.57%DR))
    553 Resistance (buffed with war cry) ((64.83%DR))
    4666.67 Damage
    using 1h+shield
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    I just upgraded my Whimshire staff to NM level but I'm not seeing any difference from normal for gold drop. Still getting around 30-35k per full clear of the area.
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    Also just did whimshire on hell and got around the same 30-35k but took twice as long this time. hmmmm.... there must be something better than hoping for a good drop to sell in the very first area of act1 inferno. Ideas?
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    I go with lots of + gold find, and clear act 1 inerno over and over again. Yields almost 200k per hour. Although I play a demon hunter with my ferrets.

    Edit: Just realized you wanted to gear for farming act1 inferno. But I still think +gold find is awesome. Even for lower levels of difficulty.
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    yeah, need to be able to clear anything past the first few elites lol. But I did make a couple million today doing a few things. So getting closer but so much farming lol
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    Still doing my runs here in the cow level and getting about 30-35k but I'm trying to farm 'some' of the normal mobs in inferno act one starting areas. I guess I curious what is selling or should I be looking at selling? Just things with vita+Prime stat+all resists?
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