Auction House to compare stats: Good idea?

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    What if the auction house could compare another item with your own. In addition to seeing the stats of a new item with your equipped like it does, what if it could compare dps, damage reduction and life of the new ah item and your equipped item? I think this would be a good feature.

    I'm not sure why the AH does not do this when the items in your inventory and stash do it already.
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    It is kind of annoying that you have to switch back and forth and try to calculate if it's better, but at the same time maybe they want you to do this so you can theorycraft more and the AH wouldn't be so "easy" to know what are upgrades for you and what is not.
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    I know when i mouseover something on the AH, it does bring up a comparison window to what the selected character is wearing.

    It just doesn't do the "life/dps/protection" calculation. Is that what you're referring to? It would certainly be nice if they could add that.

    Edit- Now that i re-read the OP, i see this is exactly what he's saying. I'd support that change.
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    Best way to do it, go to the "sell" tab, take a picture with your cellphone of the item you want to compare, get to the search and with phone in hand, compare stat, pretty simple!
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